Tamela McCann

The Secret of Pembrooke Park

By Julie Klassen - Published 2015



Abigail Foster’s family has fallen on hard times financially, finding themselves needing to leave their fashionable London home and move to a ...Read Review

Fashion in the Time of William Shakespeare

By Sarah Jane Downing - Published 2014



This rather short book is actually packed to the gills with information on the fashions those alive during the time of William Shakespeare ...Read Review

The Empty Throne

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2014Published 2015



The eighth entry in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales, The Empty Throne finds our hero, Uhtred, somewhat incapacitated following the events of the ...Read Review

The Light in the Labyrinth

By Wendy J. Dunn - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

In 1535, thirteen-year-old Kate Carey, niece of Anne Boleyn, arrives at Court to serve her aunt. Kate, who has been frustrated with her mother, ...Read Review

What the Lady Wants

By Renee Rosen - Published 2014


Delia Spencer Caton is a woman with a unique lifestyle from the late 1880s on: Married to one man, she carries on a ...Read Review

The Ship of Brides

By Jojo Moyes - Published 2008Published 2014


If you like stories that pull you in quickly, are filled with emotional drama, and provide a vivid atmosphere of the times, you ...Read Review

A Beauty So Rare

By Tamara Alexander - Published 2014


Biographical FictionInspirationalRomance

Eleanor Braddock does not expect to marry, being rather plain without much money. When her father shows signs of dementia, she finds she ...Read Review

The Highlander’s Bride Trouble

By Mary Wine - Published 2014



Gentlewoman Nareen Grant has escaped marriage by becoming a servant to the spoiled, annoying Abigail, but it’s the only way she can ...Read Review

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

By Diana Gabaldon - Published 2014



Entry number eight in the popular Outlander series picks up almost squarely where its predecessor left off: Jamie is back from the supposed ...Read Review

A Shining Light

By Judith Miller - Published 2014



Widow Andrea Wilson takes the settlement money from her deceased husband’s maritime job and decides to travel home to reunite with her ...Read Review