Tamela McCann

The Crimson Thread

By Suzanne Weyn - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

In the late 1800s, many Irish immigrated to the United States in order to provide a better life for themselves. Most came with ...Read Review

Broken Wing

By Judith James - Published 2008



When I think of what constitutes a superior historical romance, I think of real characters connecting on many levels with a believable setting ...Read Review

Skeletons at the Feast

By Chris Bohjalian - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)



Once in a while a novel comes along that crawls into your soul from the first page and won’t let go, even ...Read Review

Train to Yesterday

By Nell DuVall - Published 2008



Penny Barton’s life is on track; she’s a vice-president of her company and her disastrous romantic past is finally behind her. ...Read Review

Lady of Milkweed Manor

By Julie Klassen - Published 2007



In Regency England, Charlotte Lamb, a proper vicar’s daughter, has committed the ultimate social disgrace by becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Turned ...Read Review

The Heretic’s Daughter

By Kathleen Kent - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2008 (US)


With The Heretic’s Daughter, debut author Kathleen Kent has taken the tragic story of Martha Carrier, a victim of the witch trials ...Read Review

Healing Water

By Joyce Moyer Hostetter - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

  Imagine being fourteen and diagnosed with a deadly disease. Now imagine being torn away from the loving arms of your family and ...Read Review

Theft of Shadows

By Naomi Bellis - Published 2008


Historical FantasyRomance

Gabriel d’Aubrigny, Chevalier de Lesgardes, finds himself returning to England after living through the years of the Revolution in France, but unfortunately, ...Read Review

Where the Heart Leads

By Stephanie Laurens - Published 2008



Late one November night in 1835, Penelope Ashford, twin sister of Portia, wife of Simon Cynster, pushes her way into Barnaby Adair’s study ...Read Review

The Exile

By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 2003


Biographical FictionMilitary

Thomas Francis Meagher, the Irish exile, lived a life so turbulent that Richard Wheeler never once exaggerates in narrating the rebel’s story. ...Read Review

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