Suzanne J. Sprague

Dead in the Dog

By Bernard Knight - Published 2012



When Tom Howden enlisted for three years as a pathologist in Her Majesty’s Far East Land Forces during the campaign against the ...Read Review

Mercury’s Rise

By Ann Parker - Published 2011



In book four of the Silver Rush series, Inez Stannert travels through the Rocky Mountains to Manitou, Colorado, eager to reunite with her ...Read Review

Jane and the Damned

By Janet Mullany - Published 2010


Alternate HistoryFantasy

At age 21, Jane Austen suspects that a local party will not alleviate the disappointment of her rejected manuscript, but her family insists that ...Read Review

Mr. Shivers

By Robert Jackson Bennett - Published 2010



Marcus Connelly is riding the rails west during the Great Depression of the 1920s. Unlike most of the sorry folks he finds in ...Read Review

The Confederate General Rides North

By Amanda C. Gable - Published 2009


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Eleven-year-old Katherine McConnell is obsessed with the Civil War, particularly the Confederate side. She frequently daydreams about being a Confederate general. When her ...Read Review

The Fruit of Her Hands

By Michelle Cameron - Published 2009


Biographical FictionSaga

Shira’s upbringing is different than other Jewish girls’ childhoods in 1224. Her widowed father, the esteemed Rabbi Shmuel ben Solomon and great Talmudic ...Read Review

Full-Court Quest

By Linda Peavy - By Ursula Smith - Published 2008



In the late 1800s, the United States government established boarding schools for Native American children with the intent of assimilating the children into ...Read Review

Black Widow

By E. Duke Vincent - Published 2008



Vinnie Vesta left Hell’s Kitchen in 1950 to find a better life. Now post-college, he leads an idyllic life in Jacksonville, Florida, as ...Read Review

The Island

By Victoria Hislop - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


As London-born Alexis Fielding, a modern-day college graduate, explores her past, she is drawn to visit a former Greek leper colony. This storyline, ...Read Review

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ravens Of Avalon

By Diana L. Paxson - Published 2007



Boudica, a Briton princess, arrives on the Isle of Mona to study the old ways with other children of chieftains and talented youth. ...Read Review

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