Susie Pruett

The Awakening of La Muse

By S. R. Strickland - Published 2018


Six-year-old Muse, a house slave on a plantation owned by the Hallisburgs in Virginia, innocently observes life around her, not questioning her world. ...Read Review

Jack Dawkins

Published 2018



In Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Jack Dawkins, a wily young pickpocket known as the Artful Dodger, ends up “doing full justice to his bringing-up, ...Read Review

Fateful Decisions

By Trevor D'Silva - Published 2017-10-20


Fateful Decisions starts with the WWI sinking of the Lusitania. On board are two young women: Rachel Williams and her best friend, Martha ...Read Review

A Contrary Wind

By Lona Manning - Published 2017



A Contrary Wind: A Variation on Mansfield Park continues the story of the delicate and over-emotional Fanny Price, my least favorite of all ...Read Review

We’ve Come to Take You Home

By Susan Gandar - Published 2016



This debut takes us into the lives of two 15-year-old girls: Sam Foster, who lives in modern-day England, and Jess Brown, who lived ...Read Review