Susie Helme

Sherlock Holmes and The Strange Death of Brigadier-General Delves

By Tim Symonds - Published 2022



1898. Dr Watson meets with Colonel “Maiwand Mike” Fenlon, an old military comrade, to reminisce about Afghanistan. Fenlon has been invited by Brigadier-General Delves ...Read Review

God’s Vindictive Wrath: 1 (Divided Kingdom)

By Charles Cordell - Published 2022



1642 Warwickshire. Francis Reeve looks up to the hill carving, the Red Horse, and down upon the king’s forces, among whom is his ...Read Review

Somewhere to Call Home

By Elizabeth Jeffrey - Published 2022



Stella Nolan gets off the train with a valise in her hand and a black armband on her sleeve. The Great War is ...Read Review

The Weather Woman

By Sally Gardner - Published 2022


Neva, a Russian girl, has a gift—she can predict the weather. In January 1789, the Thames is frozen over, and London is enjoying ...Read Review

A Ration Book Victory

By Jean Fullerton - Published 2022



1877. Dressed in her Sunday best, five-year-old Philomena (Queenie) Dooley attends church with her family in Kinsale, Ireland. Shunned as ‘tinkers’, they sit at ...Read Review

The Last Dress from Paris

By Jade Beer - Published 2022


1952. Alice Ainsley prepares the Residence for a grand reception. She is dressed flawlessly in the latest Dior, yet her much older husband Albert, ...Read Review

The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3)

By Angus Donald - Published 2022


Bjarki Bloodhand trudges through the snow; he seeks his mother’s people, the White Bear Clan of the Sami. The old woman caring ...Read Review

Agent in Peril (The Wolf Pack Spies, 2)

By Alex Gerlis - Published 2022



Poznań, 1938. Polish electronics professor Roman Loszynski is met at the airfield by Major Szymański and General Brygady Wiśniewski, whom he’d ...Read Review

A Teller Of Tales (Grandmothers’ Footsteps Book1)

By Marilyn Pemberton - Published 2022



Lizzie looks after her mute, handicapped little brother Bobbit, defending him from within and without the family, in the 1820s mining town of ...Read Review

The Iron Way: Volume 2 (The Sarmatian Trilogy)

By Tim Leach - Published 2022



175 AD Vindolanda, Britannia. Sarmatian warrior Kai has paid for his people’s defeat on the Danube by pledging his arms to Rome. At ...Read Review