Susanne Dunlap

The Tory Widow

By Christine Blevins - Published 2009


The widow Anne Merrick, virtually sold into marriage with a much older man, runs a print shop and coffee house in colonial New ...Read Review

Agnes Lake Hickok: Queen of the Circus, Wife of a Legend

By Carrie Bowers - By Linda A. Fisher - Published 2009



Agnes Lake Hickok must have been made of extraordinary stuff. She married circus performer Bill Lake in 1847 and made her circus debut shortly ...Read Review

Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness

By William Bernhardt - Published 2009



Eliot Ness, the real-life lawman who took down Al Capone, is appointed Safety Director of Cleveland, a city that in 1935 is rife with ...Read Review

Infinity In The Palm of Her Hand

By Gioconda Belli (trans. Margaret Sayers Peden) - Published 2009



Gioconda Belli’s daring feat of climbing inside the world of Adam and Eve, from their creation through the fall and toward a ...Read Review

The Gold Rush Kid

By Mary Waldorf - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Billy and his older sister Edna must bury their mother, who became ill and died while their father was off to the Yukon ...Read Review

Early Bright

By Ami Silber - Published 2008



It’s a rare feat of literary prowess not only to create an unappealing character who is completely sympathetic, but also for a ...Read Review

Master of the Delta

By Thomas H. Cook - Published 2008


Jack Branch is the last member of an old Mississippi Delta family. He returns to his roots to teach high school, as his ...Read Review

Late Connections

By Aileen La Tourette - Published 2008



Annie is a consummately talented seamstress working in early 20th-century Paris who possesses the ability not only to dress her clients beautifully, but ...Read Review

The Age of Dreaming

By Nina Revoyr - Published 2008



Set in Hollywood of the 1960s, this novel is a surprisingly rich tale that tells the story of an aging star of the ...Read Review

The Woman Who Wouldn’t

By Gene Wilder - Published 2008


Jeremy Spencer Webb, a concert violinist who takes leave of his senses during a performance, finds himself at a spa somewhere in Bavaria ...Read Review