Susan McDuffie

The Ballad of Laurel Springs

By Janet Beard - Published 2021


This multi-period novel traces the lives of a family of Tennessee mountain women from a brutal murder in 1891 to the present day. This ...Read Review

All That Is Secret (An Annalee Spain Mystery)

By Patricia Raybon - Published 2021



1922: Cowboy Joe Spain finds an infant abandoned on the freezing Colorado plains. The baby dies in his arms. Joe later boards a train ...Read Review

The Third Mrs. Galway

By Deirdre Sinnott - Published 2021


1835: Nineteen-year-old Helen, the new wife of Augustin Galway, has not thought much about slavery until she discovers two escaped slaves hiding in the ...Read Review

Inventing Vivian (The Blue Orchid Society, #2)

By Jennifer Lunt Moore - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

1873 London: Vivian Kirby does not do well at socializing. She much prefers science, engineering, and inventing devices such as the “Personal Propulsion Vehicle” ...Read Review

City of Dark Corners

By Jon Talton - Published 2021



1933: Eugene Hammons departed the Phoenix police force under a dark cloud. Now he searches for missing persons as a P.I. One night ...Read Review

Lady Rosamund and the Horned God: A Rosie and McBrae Regency Mystery

By Barbara Monajem - Published 2021



England, early 1800s: The newly widowed Lady Rosamund accompanies her father—and her dead husband’s pregnant mistress—to a house party in ...Read Review

Priestess of Pompeii: The Initiate’s Journey Book I

By Sandra Hurt - Published 2020


Italy, 60 BCE: A baby girl is left exposed to the elements after her mother dies giving the child life. The infant is found ...Read Review

The Sign of Death: A Victorian Book Club Mystery

By Callie Hutton - Published 2021



Bath, 1891: Lady Amy and Lord William enjoy a close friendship that includes attending meetings of the local mystery book club. That group at ...Read Review

Bride of the Buddha

By Barbara McHugh - Published 2021


5th century BCE: Prince Siddhartha abandons his wife and his infant son, departing his palace and his life of royal ease to undertake ...Read Review

Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

By Stephanie Graves - Published 2020



1941, Hertfordshire: Olive Bright, home from veterinary college due to the war, helps her father with his veterinary practice and their stable of racing ...Read Review

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