Susan McDuffie

Mina’s Child

By Paul Butler - Published 2020


In 1920, young Abree Harker, a student at King’s College, tries to find her way as a new woman in a new era. ...Read Review

The Deadly Hours

By Anna Lee Huber - By C.S. Harris - By Christine Trent - By Susanna Kearsley - Published 2020


The four novellas that comprise The Deadly Hours span the years 1733 to 1945. A fabulous gold pocket watch, La Sirène, made with cursed ...Read Review

The Priest’s Son (Dodnash Priory Chronicles)

By Nicky Moxey - Published 2019


Early 12th century: When Jean’s father leaves France for the Levant, he sends his young son to Dodnash Priory in England, to ...Read Review

Daughters of Jubilation

By Kara Lee Corthron - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In South Carolina in 1962, Jim Crow is king. Evalene Deschamps comes from a lineage of strong Black women, women endowed with a paranormal ...Read Review


By Hongcheng Yu - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Two thousand years ago the Qin Empire in China was overthrown. Civil war erupted. The Chu Kingdom, led by Xiang Yu, and the ...Read Review

Daughter of Anne-Hoeck

By Carol Pratt Bradley - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Boston, 1650: Susanna Hutchison, daughter of the heretic Anne Hutchison, and the only survivor of the Indian attack that killed her mother and siblings, ...Read Review

Clogs and Shawls: Mormons, Moorlands, and the Search for Zion

By Ann Chamberlin - Published 2020



Mary Jane Jones and Ralph Robinson Whitaker met in 1896 in the Yorkshire town of Bradford.  Ralph, blind since childhood, made a living as ...Read Review

The Silence of Bones

By June Hur - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Korea, 1801: Sixteen-year-old Seol, an indentured servant, or damo, to the Capital Police bureau, assists the male police officers (who are forbidden to touch ...Read Review

The Haunting

By Lindsey Duga - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultThriller

Late 1800s: Orphaned Emily has lived twelve years at Evanshire’s Home for Neglected Girls, her only friend the dog Archie, whom she ...Read Review

Shadows of Annihilation (A Novel of an Alternate World War)

By S.M. Stirling - Published 2020


Alternate History

In an alternate 1917, America, led by President Teddy Roosevelt, has taken over Mexico as a protectorate. Germany controls Europe and Russia. Paris lies ...Read Review

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