Susan Lowell

The Twin

By Kevin St. Jarre - Published 2021


“Sui generis” best describes Kevin St. Jarre’s one-of-a-kind new novel, which retells the story of Jesus from the point of view of ...Read Review

Europe’s Babylon: The Rise and Fall of Antwerp’s Golden Age

By Michael Pye - Published 2021



Antwerp? Great city of the Renaissance? Yes, as important in its own way as Florence, Venice, and Rome. In this engaging, deeply researched, ...Read Review

Songs in Ursa Major

By Emma Brodie - Published 2021



Amidst sex, drugs, and rock and roll, a star is born … In her accomplished debut novel, Emma Brodie whisks us to another world. ...Read Review

Yours Cheerfully (The Emmy Lake Chronicles 2)

By AJ Pearce - Published 2021



This charmer of a book is a sequel to Pearce’s bestselling debut novel, Dear Mrs. Bird, and it’s equally delightful. Undaunted ...Read Review

The Merchant and the Rogue (Proper Romance Victorian)

By Sarah M. Eden - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

In this latest addition to Sarah M. Eden’s Dread Penny Society series, she interweaves her proper Victorian romance with the texts of ...Read Review

The Artful Dickens: The Tricks and Ploys of the Great Novelist

By John Mullan - Published 2021



From the pun in the title to the final footnote, this delightful book plays a double game. It’s an eye-opening analysis of ...Read Review

Hold Fast

By J. H. Gelernter - Published 2021



Picture this: James Bond in a red coat, tight white breeches, and a powdered wig topped off with an odd mésalliance between ...Read Review

Princes of the Renaissance: The Hidden Power Behind an Artistic Revolution

By Hollingsworth - By Mary - Published 2021



This gorgeous illustrated book tells many wonderful stories. Its main characters are “princes” in the broad sense of powerful rulers, as Machiavelli and ...Read Review


By Carol Edgarian - Published 2021


It’s no spoiler to reveal that the defining event of this lovely, constantly surprising novel is the great San Francisco earthquake and ...Read Review

A Tip for the Hangman

By Allison Epstein - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) is the Jimi Hendrix of great playwrights. Marlowe’s meteoric career fizzled mysteriously 427 years ago. Just a few brilliant plays ...Read Review