Susan Higginbotham

The Memoir of a Female Soldier: Deborah Sampson’s American Revolution

By Jan Lewis Nelson - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Young Robert Shurtlieff does credit to the Continental Army. Acquitting himself well as a soldier, he is eventually invited to join the staff ...Read Review

The Girl from the Papers

By Jennifer L. Wright - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

In 1929, Beatrice Carraway seems to be going nowhere. Her glory days on the child beauty pageant circuit are long behind her, the college ...Read Review

The President’s Wife

By Tracey Enerson Wood - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In 1915, Edith Galt, a wealthy widow living in Washington, DC, is introduced to Helen Bones, a cousin to President Woodrow Wilson, who is ...Read Review

The Stockwell Letters

By Jacqueline Friedland - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In 1854, the abolitionist movement in the United States had a cause célèbre: Anthony Burns. Having escaped enslavement in Virginia, Burns was ...Read Review

Canary Girls

By Jennifer Chiaverini - Published 2023


With Great Britain’s involvement in the Great War ramping up, April Tipton, a housemaid, and Lucy Dempsey, a housewife whose architect husband ...Read Review

Little Writer (Marmee’s Girls)

By Marina Hill - Published 2022


In Little Writer, a retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 classic Little Women from Jo March’s first-person vantage, author Marina Hill reimagines ...Read Review

The House Is on Fire

By Rachel Beanland - Published 2023


On December 26, 1811, Richmond, Virginia’s theater burst into flames during a crowded performance, killing nearly a hundred in the audience. In The House ...Read Review


By Dean de la Motte - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

In Oblivion, Dean de la Motte offers us the perspective of the Brontë sibling from whom the most was expected and by whom ...Read Review

Pauper Auction

By Mary Kronenwetter - Published 2022


In 1805, Margery Turner, a young widow whose beloved husband has perished in a tragic accident, finds herself standing at a New Hampshire town ...Read Review

The Devil’s Half Acre: The Untold Story of How One Woman Liberated the South’s Most Notorious Slave Jail

By Kristen Green - Published 2022



In The Devil’s Half Acre, journalist Kristen Green takes up the formidable task of telling the story of a woman whose life ...Read Review

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