Susan Higginbotham

Miss Austen

By Gill Hornby - Published 2020


In 1840, Cassandra Austen, a woman of a certain age, makes an unexpected visit to the vicarage at Kintbury—a place of which Cassandra ...Read Review

When Silence Sings

By Sarah Loudin Thomas - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

For decades, the feud between the Harpe and the McLean families in the coal-mining region of West Virginia has simmered, taking fire yet ...Read Review

A Completing of The Watsons

By Rose Servitova - Published 2019


Raised apart from her family by a doting, wealthy aunt, Emma Watson, finding her expectations of an inheritance dashed by her aunt’s ...Read Review

The German House

By Annette Hess - Published 2019


World War II is no more than a hazy memory for 24-year-old Eva Bruhns, who in 1963 Frankfurt is more concerned with her demanding ...Read Review

Rachel’s Roses

By Ferida Wolff - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Rachel Berger is tired of having her little sister tagging along, getting in the way when Rachel wants to be with her friends. ...Read Review

An Unspeakable Crime: A Novel of America’s First Courtroom Scandal

By Theresa Lorella - Published 2019



In 1793, the prominent, and intermarried, Randolph family of Virginia is rocked by a scandal: Richard Randolph, owner of the aptly named plantation Bizarre, ...Read Review

Never Pleasing to the World: A Man and His Slaves

By Peggy Patterson Garland - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Spanning the years 1731 to 1804, this debut novel tells the story of Robert Carter III, a Virginian who deserves to be better known. Born ...Read Review

The Clergyman’s Wife: A Pride & Prejudice Novel

By Molly Greeley - Published 2019


Three years after her pragmatic marriage to the Rev. Mr. Collins, the former Charlotte Lucas is settled at the parsonage at Hunsford, managing ...Read Review

The Goose Mistress: A Dark Love Story

By Conner McAleese - Published 2018


The Goose Mistress opens literally with a bang: the gunshot that leaves Unity Mitford, a hanger-on in the circle around Adolf Hitler, a ...Read Review

Darkness at Chancellorsville: A Novel of Stonewall Jackson’s Triumph and Tragedy

By Ralph Peters - Published 2019



In the latest of his Civil War novels, Ralph Peters tells the story of the Battle of Chancellorsville through a broad array of ...Read Review

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