Steve Lewis


By Jane Roberts Wood - Published 2001


There have been many, many novels about World War II, and if the majority of them have focused on life in combat, on ...Read Review

Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse

By Peter Bowen - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Based on the real-life adventures of the legendary Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly, or so it’s claimed, this is the third book in the ...Read Review

The Guns of Valverde

By P.G. Nagle - Published 2000



When you think of American Civil War battles, you probably think of the well-known ones which took place in Tennessee, Pennsylvania or Georgia. ...Read Review

Two o’Clock, Eastern Wartime: A Novel

By John Dunning - Published 2001Published 2001-01-01



Beyond his several authorial specialties, mystery-suspense writer and antiquarian book dealer John Dunning is perhaps even more renowned as one of the country’...Read Review

Much Ado About Love

By Malia Martin - Published 2000



William Shakespeare’s plays may have been written by a number of other people, or so it’s claimed, but the premise of ...Read Review

Second Chances

By Andrea Pickens - Published 2000Published 2000-01-01



There is a little bit of a mystery involved with this recent regency romance, just enough to add some zest to a rather ...Read Review

Ride to Glory: A Western Quartet (Five Star Western)

By T. T. Flynn - Published 2000


AdventureShort StoriesWestern

I’ll list the titles of the four novelettes and short novels it contains, and that’s all you’ll need to have ...Read Review

The Witness

By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 2000



It is western postmaster Horatio Bates who tells this story and makes a small but still significant role in it – the first of ...Read Review

The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2000


Movies are a large part of everyone’s life today, whether viewed in theaters, seen as videos at home, or the basis of ...Read Review

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

By Michael Chabon - Published 2000



Everybody knows that jazz is America’s greatest contribution to the arts, or is it? Consider as a close contender: superhero comic books, ...Read Review