Steve Lewis

The Tombstone Conspiracy

By Tim Champlin - Published 2002



Imagine, if you would, a western novel taking place in Tombstone, Arizona, in which the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, and the Clantons are ...Read Review

Caywood Valley Feud

By Judson Gray - Published 2002



This third in the series of Penn & McCutcheon adventures finds Jim McCutcheon ready to settle down and get married to a divorced ...Read Review

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

By Ed Gorman - Published 2002



Not to make it too personal, but September, 1959, was the month I started my senior year in high school, and that’s the ...Read Review

Silence is Golden

By Jeanne M. Dams - Published 2002



Although only a maid in a wealthy mansion, Hilda Johansson has a strong sense of justice (and injustice) in the world. The year ...Read Review


By Ted Heller - Published 2002


I hadn’t heard of the fabulous comic duo of Fountain and Bliss before reading this huge biographical compendium of their careers as ...Read Review

The Dead File

By Kevin O'Morrison - Published 2001


The author is a noted playwright and actor, so his behind-the-scenes look at the acting business as it was in the early 1950s (...Read Review

Franklin Flyer

By Nicholas Christopher - Published 2002



Born in 1907, named after the train on which he was born and which was blown from the tracks by a tornado soon thereafter, ...Read Review

The Curse Of Treasure Island

By Francis Bryan - Published 2002


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

When I was a boy growing up, there were two books that kids were assumed to have read: one was Tom Sawyer, and ...Read Review

The Way Of The Coyote

By Elmer Kelton - Published 2001



In this novel, Kelton concludes his three-book saga of life in Texas at the end of the Civil War. As he tells the ...Read Review

The Canebrake Men

By Cameron Judd - Published 2001


By the end of this, the final of three volumes, Tennessee has at long last become a state, but more than the history ...Read Review

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