Steve Lewis

South of Eden

By Earl Murray - Published 2000



Billed as an “ecological thriller”, this novel lives up (or perhaps down!) to its description. Back in 1905, conservation of the grasslands was a ...Read Review

Brigham’s Day

By John Gates - Published 2000



The historical event upon which this present-day mystery is based takes up very few of the pages – a prologue, an epilogue, and six ...Read Review

Mollie Peer: Or the Underground Adventure of the Moosepath League

By Van Reid - Published 2000



The first book in this series of adventures of the Moosepath League, Cordelia Underwood, took place in the summer of 1896. This, the second, ...Read Review

Texas Lily

By Elizabeth Fackler - Published 2000



Spanning the years 1878 to the late 1890s, this saga of the American Southwest follows the life of Lily Cassidy Moss, who at age 15, ...Read Review

Thunder on the Mountain: A Novel of 1936 (Hemlock County)

By David Poyer - Published 2000


The “Thunder” of the titles can be explained in at least different ways. (1) Thunder Oil of Pennsylvania, a family dynasty under the control ...Read Review

Blazing Tree: A Michael Merrick Mystery (Michael Merrick Mysteries)

By Mary Jo Adamson - Published 2000



Adamson, whose previous mysteries have been set in present day Puerto Rico, begins a new series with this book. Set in 19th century ...Read Review

The Overmountain Men (Tennessee Frontier)

By Cameron Judd - Published 2000


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Cumberland House is republishing Judd’s fictional history of the early days of that state in three handsome trade ...Read Review

A Twist at the End: A Novel of O’Henry

By Steven Saylor - Published 2000



Jack the Ripper is arguably the most notorious serial killer of all time, fictional and non-fictional. And yet “The Servant Girl Annihilator” of ...Read Review

Been Here and Gone: A Memoir of the Blues

By David Dalton - Published 2000



In what has to be one of the more audacious undertakings of the year, David Dalton relates the entire history of the blues, ...Read Review

The Gates of the Alamo: A Novel

By Stephen Harrigan - Published 2000



The single most retold incident of the American West, studied and pored over, could easily be that of General Custer’s misadventures at ...Read Review