Steve Donoghue

Pyotr Ilyich

By Adin Dalton - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The tempestuous and controversial life and career of great Russian composer Tchaikovsky is the subject of Dalton’s long and ambitious new novel, ...Read Review

Zizka the One-eyed

By Jim Fuxa - Published 2014



One-eyed Jan Zizka is the unforgettable center character of Jim Fuxa’s historical fiction debut, a gruff, powerful man one of the book’...Read Review

The Soul’s Tariff

By Jay Johnson - Published 2014


The artistic and personal world of 16th-century Venice is beautifully evoked in Johnson’s kaleidoscopic novella The Soul’s Tariff, in which a ...Read Review

The Love Letter of John Henry Holliday

By Mary Fancher - Published 2014


Biographical FictionWestern

The “John Henry Holliday” referred to in the title of Fancher’s elegant, intensely moving new novel is the “Doc” Holliday of OK ...Read Review


By John Caviglia - Published 2013



Cavigilia’s sprawling, utterly absorbing historical fiction debut is set the world of 16th-century freebooter Pedro de Valdivia, who sailed south from Peru ...Read Review

The Gondola Maker

By Laura Morelli - Published 2014


Morelli, author of Made in Italy, sets her new book The Gondola Maker in Venice, 1581, and centers her story on Luca Vianello, heir ...Read Review

On the Road to Damascus

By Barry Connolly - Published 2013



Connolly follows up his excellent debut The Good Thief with this sequel, which moves forward the story set in first century Galilee. The ...Read Review

Wald Vengeance

By Jason Born - Published 2014



In AD 9, a massive Roman force of three legions under the command of a general named Quinctilius Varus were shadowed, surrounded, and almost ...Read Review


By D. A. Dalessandro - Published 2013



When a body washes up on Nantucket’s Eel Point Beach in 1856, the local doctor requests assistance from Harvard medical student Balthazar Andrews ...Read Review

The Art Procurer

By Jeff Ridenour - Published 2013Published 2013-12-05


The Tower of the Blue Horses, an immense painting by early twentieth-century German Exhibitionist painter, Franz Marc, forms the keystone of Jeff Ridenour’...Read Review

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