Silvia Barlaam

Kipling & Trix

By Mary Hamer - Published 2012


Biographical FictionLiterary

Mary Hamer’s Kipling and Trix elegantly walks the borders between fact and fiction in her retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s story and ...Read Review

White Shanghai: A Novel of the Roaring Twenties in China

By Elvira Baryakina - Published 2013


White Shanghai follows the life of several characters, mostly Russian refugees from the Bolshevik revolution, and their fate in the city of Shanghai, ...Read Review

The Colours of Corruption

By Jacqueline Jacques - Published 2013



The Colours of Corruption’s cover is suggestive of the atmosphere the author means to evoke, in a palette of murky greens and ...Read Review

Through Glass Eyes

By Margaret Muir - Published 2012



Through Glass Eyes is a family saga set in Yorkshire, starting in 1896. The author republished it independently after its first run under the ...Read Review

A Rip in the Veil

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2012



A Rip in the Veil is an historical romance set in 1658, with a twist: the female protagonist, Alexandra, unwillingly travels back in time ...Read Review