Sherry Jones

American Pop

By Snowden Wright - Published 2019



“Southerners are only as good as their ability to tell a story,” writes Snowden Wright. His terrific novel American Pop proves Wright to ...Read Review

Scenes from the Heartland: Stories Based on Lithographs by Thomas Hart Benton

By Donna Baier Stein - Published 2019


LiteraryShort Stories

Donna Baier Stein has embarked on an intriguing mission in Scenes from the Heartland: imagining stories around artworks by Missouri’s Thomas Hart ...Read Review

The Evening Road

By Laird Hunt - Published 2017



This is a gem of a book about race and entitlement, deftly and beautifully told. Ottie Lee Henshaw, a white woman in rural ...Read Review

Home Sweet Home

By April Smith - Published 2017


This page-turner about a liberal New York City family that leaves the rat race for a simple life in South Dakota in 1950 is ...Read Review

News of the World

By Paulette Jiles - Published 2016



I loved this slim, profoundly moving book so much that, as soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it again. Paulette ...Read Review

Jazz Moon

By Joe Okonkwo - Published 2016


This coming-out tale, the author’s debut, is notable for its very subject matter: a gay black man’s personal journey of discovery ...Read Review

Chasing Lost Time: The Life of C.K. Scott Moncrieff: Soldier, Spy and Translator

By Jean Findlay - Published 2015



Reading Jean Findlay’s lovingly told biography of her mother’s great-uncle, C.K. Scott Montcrieff (1890-1930) feels, at times, like a literary ...Read Review

The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

By Tracy Farr - Published 2013Published 2016


Musical prodigy Lena Gaunt rises to fame and acclaim in the 1930s as the world’s most accomplished master of the theremin, a ...Read Review

A Master Plan for Rescue

By Janis Cooke Newman - Published 2015



At the instant his family hears that Japanese bombs have hit Pearl Harbor, 12-year-old Jack’s perfect, secure life shatters – and not because ...Read Review

Naked Earth

By Eileen Chang - Published 2015



Man’s inhumanity to man is the overarching theme of this brilliant, eloquently told tale of two Chinese students sent to the countryside ...Read Review