Sherry Jones

The Stars We Share

By Rafe Posey - Published 2021



From the time they meet as children, Alec and June share a special connection. Over the years their bond grows and intensifies until ...Read Review

When Stars Rain Down

By Angela Jackson-Brown - Published 2021


Opal is seventeen and innocent in so many ways, but she’s about to learn some terrible lessons about what it means to ...Read Review

The Prophets

By Robert Jones Jr - Published 2021


This ambitious debut about gay love on a slave plantation has all the right ingredients: a memorable cast of characters, a riveting plot ...Read Review


By Liesl Schillinger (trans.) - By Takis Würger - Published 2021



How do people rationalize maintaining relationships with others who hold abhorrent views? This question makes Stella especially relevant – because its author is German, ...Read Review

The Wright Sister: A Novel

By Patty Dann - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

“Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong body,” Katharine Wright muses in Patty Dann’s (Mermaids) new novel. Indeed, Katharine— “with ...Read Review

Midnight Train to Prague: A Novel

By Carol Windley - Published 2020


This is a wonderful book filled with vibrant characters in Central Europe during World War II, with infinite possibilities for drama and conflict. ...Read Review

Gilded Dreams: The Journey to Suffrage (Newport’s Gilded Age)

By Donna Russo Morin - Published 2020


Even the most feminist among us (me) could stand to learn a lot more about the history of the women’s rights movement ...Read Review

The Taste of Sugar: A Novel

By Marisel Vera - Published 2020


Reading The Taste of Sugar will make you hang your head over what America has done to Puerto Rico these past 100+ years: the ...Read Review

Conjure Women

By Afia Atakora - Published 2020


Afia Atakora’s haunting, lyrical prose draws you in from the first sentence like one of the spells conjured by the plantation midwives: “...Read Review

House on Endless Waters

By Emuna Elon - Published 2020



An Israeli author, whose mother escaped from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam with him and his sister, travels to the land of his birth to promote ...Read Review