Shauna McIntyre

The Paris Mystery (Charlie James Mystery)

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2023



Charlie James is a journalist and, in a surprising twist for her new boss at the Paris desk of The Times, a woman. ...Read Review

Nathalie: An Acadian’s Tale of Tragedy and Triumph

By Debra Camelin - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

1755 on the Bay of Fundy. Nathalie Belliveau is thirteen years old when the British army rounds up her entire Acadian village. When she ...Read Review

The Poetics of Passion (Muses of Scandal series)

By Delphine Ross - Published 2023



Musa Bartham has been a scandal since birth. When her father disappeared during a trip that was supposed to regain his reputation, her ...Read Review

A Council of Dolls

By Mona Susan Power - Published 2023


A story told through the eyes of three young girls, each a generation apart, struggling with the impacts of colonialism on Yanktonai Dakota ...Read Review

The Lost Journals of Sacajewea

By Debra Magpie Earling - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

The story of Sacajewea is a legend that looms large in the history of the United States. But there is very little actually ...Read Review

The Other Side of Mrs. Wood

By Lucy Barker - Published 2023


In 1873, Mrs. Violet Wood is a most respected medium hosting séances in fashionable homes all across London, with her indispensable assistant, Miss ...Read Review

A Class Reunited (A Matter of Class)

By Susie Murphy - Published 2022



Book five in the Matter of Class series continues the story of Bridget and Cormac and their family, now settled in Boston in ...Read Review

To Swoon and to Spar (The Regency Vows)

By Martha Waters - Published 2023



Jane Spencer is tired of having her life controlled by men, so when she falls in love with an estate on the coast ...Read Review

The Secret Book of Flora Lea

By Patti Callahan Henry - Published 2023


At the start of WWII, Hazel and Flora lose their father to the war and are sent to Oxford from London as part ...Read Review

Ana María and The Fox (The Luna Sisters)

By Liana De la Rosa - Published 2023



Mexican heiress Ana María and her two sisters, Isabel and Gabriela, flee the second French occupation of Mexico by sailing to London. ...Read Review