Sarah Newman

Out of the Clouds of Deceit

By David Canning - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

In 1948, while training to fly bombers in the RAF, Aiden forms a friendship with another pilot, Dennis. Shortly before completing their training, Dennis ...Read Review

The Sister and the Daughter

By Ciel Dexter - Published 2012


In the time of the Black Death, a small Roma family travel halfway around the world until they arrive in England. Their journey ...Read Review

Becoming Lola

By Harriet Steel - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

During her lifetime, Lola Montez was, after Queen Victoria, the most famous woman in the Western world. Born Eliza Gilbert in 1821, from youth ...Read Review

Black Mahler: The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Story

By Charles Elford - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Black Mahler tells the story of the almost-forgotten 19th-century composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. This book charts his life, beginning with being born to a ...Read Review


By Ronald McQueen - Published 2011



Cossack is part one in a forthcoming trilogy about the plight of the Cossack people, set around WWII. It is a difficult time ...Read Review

The Darkest Walk

By Malcolm Archibald - Published 2011



It is 1848 and Scotland Yard have been tracking the progress of the working-class Chartist movement. Worrying new evidence hints at a radical element, ...Read Review