Sarah Nesbeitt

The Water and the Blood

By Nancy E. Turner - Published 2002


Readers of this journal frequently bemoan the preponderance of 20th century settings in their fiction. The focus on time period above storytelling ability ...Read Review

The Widow of Jerusalem

By Alan Gordon - Published 2003



The jester Theophilos, aka Feste the Fool, is back in full form in this sequel to A Death in the Venetian Quarter. In 1204, ...Read Review

Not Between Brothers: An Epic Novel of Texas

By David Marion Wilkinson - Published 1996Published 1999



This is the highly regarded first novel by the author of Oblivion’s Altar (reviewed last issue). Texas in 1816 was an empty, desolate ...Read Review

The Kitchen Boy

By Robert Alexander - Published 2003


Biographical Fiction

On the night of July 16, 1918, Empress Aleksandra recorded in her journal that the Romanovs’ kitchen boy, Leonka Sednyov, was mysteriously sent away. In ...Read Review

Rebekah: Women of Genesis

By Orson Scott Card - Published 2002



Rebekah grows up as the beloved only daughter of Bethuel, the leader of his village, and a mother who had died days after ...Read Review

Constructing a World: Shakespeare’s England and the New Historical Fiction

By Martha Tuck Rozett - Published 2002



This work of criticism is the first I’ve seen that examines trends in historical fiction since the 1980s, when literary novelists began ...Read Review

Fallam’s Secret

By Denise Giardina - Published 2003



In the year 2001, Lydde Falcone is a 55-year-old single woman living abroad when she’s notified of the death of her dearly loved ...Read Review

Isolde, Queen of the Western Isle

By Rosalind Miles - Published 2002



This feminist reimagining of the Tristan and Isolde legend follows the traditional Arthurian story dutifully, but with some creative touches inspired by modern ...Read Review

Across the Nightingale Floor

By Lian Hearn - Published 2002



This is an entertaining historical fantasy that does nearly everything right. In an imaginary country strongly reminiscent of feudal Japan, young Tomasu was ...Read Review

In the Devil’s Snare

By Mary Beth Norton - Published 2002



The Salem witch trials of 1692 have perplexed Americans for over three centuries, so it is odd to think that the historical record could ...Read Review