Sarah Hendess

Escaping Dreamland: A Novel

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2020


Lovett’s atmospheric fifth outing is the first set in his native United States and sparkles with all the intrigue and rich historical ...Read Review

The Night Watchman

By Louise Erdrich - Published 2020


In 1953, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 108, designed to terminate federal recognition of several Native American tribes. Facing the loss of his ...Read Review

City of Gold

By Will Hobbs - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultWestern

In 1900, fifteen-year-old Owen Hollowell witnesses the theft of his family’s mules. Newly arrived in Colorado after the death of Owen’s father, ...Read Review

Gold Rush Girl

By Avi - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Prolific author Avi proves once more why he’s one of North America’s most beloved children’s authors in this stunning middle-grade ...Read Review

Fast Girls

By Elise Hooper - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In 1928, 16-year-old Betty Robinson of Chicago represents the United States as a member of the first women’s Olympic track and field team. ...Read Review

Orphan Eleven

By Gennifer Choldenko - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Eleven-year-old Lucy used to talk and sing, but now she refuses to open her mouth, and none of her friends at the Home ...Read Review

The Desert Between Us

By Phyllis Barber - Published 2020



In Barber’s gentle but plodding novel, Geoffrey Scott leaves Kansas in 1856 to help build a road in the Southwest. Assisting the construction ...Read Review

Answer Creek

By Ashley E. Sweeney - Published 2020



Sweeney’s absorbing sophomore novel follows 19-year-old Ada Weeks as she travels along the Oregon-California Trail in 1846. Recently orphaned, Ada attaches herself to ...Read Review

Village of Scoundrels

By Margi Preus - Published 2020


Children/Young AdultLiterary

Based on the true story of villagers who saved thousands of Jews during World War II, Village of Scoundrels traces the fortunes and ...Read Review

Murder at the Capitol (Lincoln’s White House Mystery)

By C. M. Gleason - Published 2020



In this entertaining third entry in the Lincoln’s White House Mystery series, Gleason takes readers on a romp through Civil War-era Washington, ...Read Review