Sarah Hendess

The Light of Luna Park

By Addison Armstrong - Published 2021


Armstrong’s dual-timeline debut packs a powerful emotional punch as it explores which lives are valued by society and how much a mother ...Read Review


By Michael Punke - Published 2021



In 1866, with the Civil War over, a contingent of soldiers led by Colonel Henry Carrington swarms into Wyoming’s Powder River Valley to ...Read Review


By Edward Rutherfurd - Published 2021



Rutherfurd stumbles uncharacteristically in this tepid outing, his first set outside of a Western culture. In 1839, John Trader comes to China from England, ...Read Review

Love and Fury: A Novel of Mary Wollstonecraft

By Samantha Silva - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

On August 30, 1797, midwife Parthenia Blenkinsop arrives at a house in North London to deliver Mary Wollstonecraft’s baby. She’s expecting another routine ...Read Review

Luck of the Titanic

By Stacey Lee - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Only Stacey Lee could tie together the Chinese Exclusion Act with the Titanic disaster, which she does with aplomb in her most recent ...Read Review

Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch

By Rivka Galchen - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In Württemberg, Germany, in 1618, a neighbor accuses 72-year-old Katherina Kepler, mother of famed astronomer Johannes Kepler, of witchcraft. In a society wracked ...Read Review

Dark Tides (The Fairmile Series 2)

By Philippa Gregory - Published 2020


On Midsummer Eve, 1670, a beautiful young woman from Venice arrives at a ramshackle warehouse in London. Livia di Ricci clutches her infant son ...Read Review

The Arctic Fury

By Greer Macallister - Published 2020


Lady Jane Franklin says she does not believe her husband, the explorer John Franklin, is dead. Multiple expeditions to the Arctic have failed ...Read Review

Black Bottom Saints

By Alice Randall - Published 2020



In Detroit in 1968, choreographer and emcee Joseph “Ziggy” Johnson lies dying in a hospital. He knows he doesn’t have long to live ...Read Review

Escaping Dreamland: A Novel

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2020


Lovett’s atmospheric fifth outing is the first set in his native United States and sparkles with all the intrigue and rich historical ...Read Review