Sarah Bower

Acts of Allegiance

By Peter Cunningham - Published 2017



This is the story of Marty Ransom, Irish landowner and diplomat, on the one hand Establishment to his well-polished boots, on the other, ...Read Review

Belonging: The Story of the Jews, 1492-1900

By Simon Schama - Published 2017



This is the second book in Schama’s magisterial history of the Jews, following the Jewish people from the expulsion from Spain in 1492 ...Read Review

The Last Hours

By Minette Walters - Published 2017Published 2018Published 2018-08-07



June 1348: When Lady Anne of Develish loses her husband to the Black Death, she takes charge of his demesne and does everything in ...Read Review

Zoffany’s Daughter

By Stephen Foster - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

This unusual book tells with considerable verve and charm the little-known story of Cecilia Horne, daughter of the painter Zoffany, and the custody ...Read Review

The Alphabet of Heart’s Desire

By Brian Keaney - Published 2017


In his Confessions of an English Opium Eater, Thomas de Quincy tells of a streetwalker called Anne who once offered him succour when ...Read Review

A Bold and Dangerous Family: The Remarkable Story of an Italian Mother, Her Two Sons, and Their Fight Against Fascism

By Caroline Moorehead - Published 2017



I have to confess I had never heard of the Rosselli family before reading this biography. My ignorance may be partly symptomatic of ...Read Review

The Secret History of Jane Eyre: How Charlotte Brontë Wrote her Masterpiece

By John Pfordresher - Published 2017



Pfordresher goes to great—and often contrived—lengths to show how Brontë’s life influenced her writing, yet, by making frequent reference to ...Read Review

Little Nothing

By Marisa Silver - Published 2017


Historical Fantasy

Set in an unnamed country, at an unspecified date whose trappings suggest the early 20th century, it is delightfully debatable whether Little Nothing ...Read Review

The Pictures

By Guy Bolton - Published 2017



Los Angeles, 1939, and The Wizard of Oz is just about to premier. MGM Studios is at the height of its power, but this ...Read Review

The Other Hoffman Sister

By Ben Fergusson - Published 2017


In 1902, Ingrid Hoffmann’s family moves to German South West Africa, where her father makes his fortune, but the seeds of disaster are ...Read Review

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