Sarah Bower

The Corners of the Globe

By Robert Goddard - Published 2014



This is the second in Goddard’s The Wide World trilogy of thrillers set in the years immediately after the First World War, ...Read Review

A Kill in the Morning

By Graeme Shimmin - Published 2014


Alternate History

The year is 1955. It is 14 years since Churchill died and the war against Germany ended. Britain retains her independence and is engaged in ...Read Review

The Convictions of John Delahunt

By Andrew Hughes - Published 2014Published 2014-03-13


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

On a December morning in 1841, a Dublin boy has his throat cut in an apparently motiveless killing. The trial and conviction of John ...Read Review

The Ariadne Objective

By Wes Davis - Published 2014



What should be your first objective when dropped behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied Crete? To kidnap the commanding officer of course. So concluded ...Read Review

The Black Snow

By Paul Lynch - Published 2014



In rural Ireland, in the spring of 1945, with the war in Europe a distant echo barely disturbing the steady routine of farming life, ...Read Review

The Undertaking

By Audrey Magee - Published 2014



Desperate to escape the Eastern Front, German soldier, Peter Faber, makes an arranged marriage to Katharina Spinell, the daughter of an ambitious Nazi. ...Read Review

Europe: A History

By Norman Davies - Published 2014Published c1997



This is a reissue of a book originally published in 1996, with a second preface added in 1997. Disappointingly, given everything that has happened in ...Read Review

The Late Scholar

By Jill Paton Walsh - Published 2013Published 2014



Peter Wimsey, now Duke of Denver, learns that one of the responsibilities that goes with his title is to adjudicate, as Visitor, over ...Read Review

An Officer and a Spy

By Robert Harris - Published 2013Published 2014



The Dreyfus Affair is an infamous episode in French history sufficiently well known not to need reiteration here. Familiarity with the facts, however, ...Read Review

Josephine: Desire, Ambition, Napoleon

By Kate Williams - Published 2013



The endpapers of Kate Williams’ new biography of the Empress Josephine are decorated with cartoons in the style of Gilray showing the empress ...Read Review

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