Sandra Garside-Neville

The Lion and the Lamb

By John Henry Clay - Published 2013



Britannia in the 4th century is very different to the earlier centuries of Roman occupation. By this time, Roman rule is settled, with ...Read Review

Savage City

By Sophia McDougall - Published 2011


Alternate HistoryEpic

In this alternative history, Rome has never fallen and is still a major player on the world stage in the 21st century. But ...Read Review

Tommy’s World

By Billy Hopkins - Published 2009



Tommy Hopkins is born in the slums of Manchester in the late 19th century. Though the area is rough, he has a loving ...Read Review

King Arthur: Dragon’s Child

By M.K. Hume - Published 2009



In Dark Age Britain, a boy called Artorex is being fostered by Lord Ector. Even Ector does not know who and what the ...Read Review

Lord of Silver

By Alan Fisk - Published 2000


Alternate HistoryLiterary

In the Museum of London there is a Roman roof tile with a message written into the wet clay just after the tile ...Read Review