Sally Zigmond

Sculpting the Elephant

By Sylvia Vetta - Published 2019


It is 1997. Harry King lives in Oxford, deals in antiques and collectables, specialising in Art Deco. When he visits Charles Carew, who wishes ...Read Review

November to July

By Marilyn Oser - Published 2019


Visiting her Aunt Faye in Paris in 1914, Eleanor Simons volunteers as a nurse and works mainly in the Military Hospital, Val de Grâ...Read Review

The Song of Peterloo

By Carolyn O'Brien - Published 2019



Despite the cover image, this novel is not a traditional “clogs and shawls” novel. It is 1818. Times are hard for the low-paid cotton-mill ...Read Review

Charity’s Choice

By Alexine Crawford - Published 2019



The English Civil War has yet to be won or lost, and while King Charles I is secure on the Isle of Wight ...Read Review

A Pair of Sharp Eyes

By Kat Armstrong - Published 2019



Young Coronation Avebury takes the coach from Wiltshire to Bristol to start a new life. Because Coronation is blessed with a keen intelligence ...Read Review


By Lucy Adlington - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Young Brigitta, an Austrian Jewish girl who suffered hardship and cruelty when the German Nazis invaded Austria, including the death of her mother, ...Read Review

Beyond The Moon: A Haunting Debut Novel Of Time Travel And WW1

By Catherine Taylor - Published 2019



This is a poignant love story which is both a time-traveling novel and a study of mental disorders in the early 20th century ...Read Review

Camille and the Raising of Eros

By William Rose - Published 2019



When motherless French girl Camille wants to be a nun, her father asks a psychologist to assess her sanity. Pronounced sane, Camille enters ...Read Review

The Prince of Mirrors

By Alan Robert Clark - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

The Prince in question is Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Edward, the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. He was ...Read Review

What News on the Rialto?

By Anthony Robert Wildman - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

The facts of Shakespeare’s life are few and far between. He is first mentioned when the dramatist Robert Greene snipes at him ...Read Review

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