Sally Zigmond

The Crollalanzas

By Jayne Fresina - Published 2020



In Renaissance Venice, the Crollalanzas, a mother and her three daughters, are herbalists and midwives. Viola, the eldest twin, paints portraits on commission. ...Read Review

The Art Fiasco (Poppy Denby Investigates)

By Fiona Veitch Smith - Published 2020



In 1924 Poppy Denby, star reporter of London’s Daily Globe, travels to Northumberland to celebrate her father’s 60th birthday. She stops off ...Read Review

The Cotton Spinner (The Mill Town Lasses)

By Libby Ashworth - Published 2020



Lancashire, 1826. When mechanisation comes to the cotton industry, like so many others, Titus and Jennet Eastwood and their little daughter, Peggy, are forced ...Read Review

Noble Traitor: A Historical Novel of Scotland

By J. R. Tomlin - Published 2019



Before the Act of Union in 1707, Scotland and England were frequently at war. Noble Traitor, the first in a series, introduces Thomas Randolph, ...Read Review

Until the War is Over

By Rosemary Goodacre - Published 2020



This is the second novel in the series that began with Until We Meet Again. Although I haven’t read the first novel, ...Read Review

Simon versus Simon: The Story of Lucius and the Magician’s Duel

By Philip E. Sears - Published 2019


Like the sons of most wealthy Roman patricians, Lucius prefers to have fun with his friends rather than settle down. In despair, his ...Read Review

Natalya (Flight of the Night Witches)

By Heidi Vanlandingham - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Natalya Volkov is a Russian pilot for the all-female 588th Night Bomber Regiment during the Second World War. When the bombers were close ...Read Review

Mari’s Way

By Gilbert and Valerie Lewthwaite - Published 2020


England, 1768. Mari Westin is the eldest daughter of a rich widower. He spends most of his time in his London mansion with his ...Read Review

Butterfly: Part One

By Edwin Page - Published 2020


Cameroon, West Africa, 1860. Yannick and his younger sister, Amma, are slaves, so they understand hardship and cruelty. But their life is to change ...Read Review

The Head In The Ice: A Bowman of The Yard Investigation

By Richard James - Published 2020



In the icy winter of 1891, Inspector George Bowman of the newly created London Metropolitan Police has just been released from a lunatic asylum ...Read Review