Sally Zigmond

The Master of Measham Hall

By Anna Abney - Published 2021



1665: Charles II has returned from exile and is now king, but the Civil War still casts its long, dark shadow, intensified by the ...Read Review

The Miller’s Daughter

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2021



1861, County Durham. When Mary is ten, her father, the village miller, walks out, leaving his wife and four children destitute. Mary’s mother ...Read Review

The Last Daughter

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2021



Young and vivacious Caitlin went missing in mysterious circumstances over a decade ago. Since then her twin sister, Serena, has struggled to put ...Read Review

The Winter Garden

By Alex Bell - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

In the early 19th century, six-year-old Beatrice is ordered by her father to say goodbye to her mother. When she enters her sick ...Read Review

Dark Roads: Book 1 Map Maker

By Bernard Davis - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Mathew de Quincey, a skilled swordfighter, is hired by William Marshall, the king’s right-hand man. With his apprentice, Will, he travels the ...Read Review

Along the Endless River: A compelling and heartbreaking historical novel

By Rose Alexander - Published 2021



London 1890. Katherine and Anselmo are a newly married couple. Having learned of Brazil’s burgeoning rubber trade, Anselmo is convinced they are guaranteed ...Read Review

The Rose Garden

By Tracy Rees - Published 2021


London 1895: when her mother dies and her father falls into drunken misery, Mabs becomes the chief breadwinner of her poor East End family. ...Read Review

Gold of Pleasure: A Novel of Christina of Markyate

By Ruth Mohrman - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Very little is known of Christina of Markyate, the daughter of a fabric merchant in Huntingdon, England, but by all accounts, she was ...Read Review

Nightshade (Jem Flockhart)

By E. S. Thomson - Published 2021



London 1851. This latest glimpse into the fascinating world of Jem Flockhart, esteemed apothecary and expert in poisons and their effects, finds her redesigning ...Read Review

All Things That Deserve to Perish: A Novel of Wilhelmine Germany

By Dana Mack - Published 2020


In 1896, Elisabeth (Lisi) von Schwabacher, a gifted pianist and the daughter of a Jewish banker, returns home to Berlin after three years of ...Read Review