Sally Zigmond

Remarkable Creatures

By Tracy Chevalier - Published 2009Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

In this novel, Tracy Chevalier turns her novelist’s eye to the life of Mary Anning who, although reasonably well known as a ...Read Review

Give Me Tomorrow

By Elizabeth Lord - Published 2006Published 2009



Elizabeth Lord writes warm and dependable sagas about the lives of women in the early 20th century. This one, first published in 2006, is ...Read Review

Testament of Youth

By Vera Brittain - Published 2009



What more can one say about this classic autobiography? It is one of those books that absolutely everyone should read; and not just ...Read Review

The Naqib’s Daughter

By Samia Serageldin - Published 2009



  As in her previous, acclaimed novel, The Cairo House, the setting is Cairo, but now it is the late 18th century. Napoleon ...Read Review

Tudor Rose

By Sue Allan - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

  This novel tells the fascinating real-life story of Rose Hickman, née Locke. Nearing the end of her life, she wrote a ...Read Review

The Pagan House

By David Flusfeder - Published 2008



Thirteen-year-old Eddie Pagan (or Edgar as he prefers to be called) travels from London to New York State to visit his paternal grandmother, ...Read Review

East of the Sun

By Julia Gregson - Published 2008


Rushed into paperback after having been chosen as one of Richard and Judy’s Summer Reads*, this novel tells the story of three ...Read Review

Other People’s Daughters: The Life and Times of the Governess

By Ruth Brandon - Published 2008



The governess has played a more important role in literature than she was ever afforded in real life. Most did not have the ...Read Review

The Montmartre Investigation

By Claude Izner - By Isabel Reid (trans.) - By Lorenza Garcia (trans.) - Published 2008



This is the third in the series of crime novels featuring Parisian bookseller and amateur sleuth, Victor Legris. This time a series of ...Read Review

The Warrior’s Princess

By Barbara Erskine - Published 2008



At an end-of-term party, Jess, a teacher in London, is drugged and raped by someone she knows well. She suspects several men although ...Read Review