Sally Zigmond

Small Eden

By Jane Davis - Published 2022


1884. When the two young sons of Robert and Freya Cook die of scarlet fever, Robert is guilt-ridden for denying the seriousness of the ...Read Review

A Perfect Copy

By Derville Murphy - Published 2022


In present-day Dublin, problems arise at an auction sale when two strangers, Daisy Staunton and Ben Tarrant, both want to sell identical portraits ...Read Review

The Trial of Lotta Rae

By Siobhan MacGowan - Published 2022


The brewery where respectable working-class Lotta (Charlotte) Rae and her beloved father earn their living always holds a party on Halloween night. During ...Read Review

The Tivoli Murders

By John Pilkington - Published 2021



London, 1891. The Ripper murders have ground to a halt, although nobody has been arrested. London is still jittery, so when two men are ...Read Review

The Huntsman’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 3)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2017



Summer 1353. Oxford is empty of students, so Nicholas Elyot deems it the right time to return home to his family farm in the ...Read Review

The Fugitive Colours

By Nancy Bilyeau - Published 2022



The first historical thriller in Bilyeau’s series, The Blue, introduced Genevieve Planché, a Huguenot living in London’s Spitalfields who was coerced ...Read Review

The Stonemason’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 6)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2018



Spring 1354. Workmen are busy rebuilding and extending the relatively new Queen’s College. The lives and livelihoods of Nicholas Elyot and his neighbours ...Read Review

The Darkest Sin (Cesare Aldo series Book 2)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2022



Florence 1537. Cesare Aldo, Florentine crime-fighter in a city with many factions, is sent to investigate rumours that men have been seen climbing secretly ...Read Review

Black Drop

By Leonora Nattrass - Published 2022


London, 1793. Laurence Jago is a lowly government clerk, decoding messages and copying documents. He is answerable to George Aust, Permanent Under-Secretary to Lord ...Read Review

The Queen’s Lady: Book 2 (Queens of the Tower)

By Joanna Hickson - Published 2022


This novel follows on from The Lady of the Ravens, although it reads well as a stand-alone novel. It opens in 1502 and portrays ...Read Review

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