Sally Zigmond

A Woman’s Lot (The Meonbridge Chronicles)

By Carolyn Hughes - Published 2018


Following the devastation of the Black Death, depicted in Fortune’s Wheel, the first book of the Meonbridge Chronicles, more and more women ...Read Review

I Will Give My Love an Apple: The Savernake Novels Book 4

By Susanna M. Newstead - Published 2018



It is 1204. The winter is harsh, and a stranger is found assaulted and left to die in the forest surrounding the village of ...Read Review

The Story Collector

By Evie Gaughan - Published 2018


Sarah Harper lives in New York, her marriage is on the rocks, and she drinks too much. She arrives at Newark Airport for ...Read Review

Forsaking All Other

By Catherine Meyrick - Published 2018



In 1585, Bess Stoughton, a young widow and well-loved waiting-woman to Lady Allingbourne, asks her father not to make her marry an old man ...Read Review

Lord Edward’s Archer

By Griff Hosker - Published 2019



Like most readers, I have my favourite genres, but I do like to step out of my comfort zone every so often. Such ...Read Review

Wyld Dreamers

By Pamela Holmes - Published 2018


In the summer of 1972, a group of young people arrives at Wyld Farm, Somerset, ostensibly to renovate a dilapidated cottage on a farm ...Read Review

Betsy and Lilibet

By Sophie Duffy - Published 2018


London, 1926: two baby girls are born in London. One becomes Queen Elizabeth II. The other girl is the daughter of an undertaker south ...Read Review

Down to the Sea

By Sue Lawrence - Published 2019



This intriguing historical novel opens in 1981, when Rona and Craig move into a large sandstone mansion, Wardie House, Newhaven, Edinburgh, which they are ...Read Review

The Matrimonial Advertisement (Parish Orphans of Devon)

By Mimi Matthews - Published 2018-09-04



Helena Reynolds is so desperate to escape her life in London, she is willing to undertake the dangerous and solitary journey to marry ...Read Review

The Peterloo Massacre

By Robert Reid - Published 2018



On 16 August 1819, cavalry officers and local yeomanry forces in bright uniform and wielding sharpened sabres, charged into a motley crowd of approximately one ...Read Review

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