Richard Tearle

Dead Man Walking

By Toby Oliver - Published 2015



London 1944 and the Normandy landings have not long taken place. False information is being fed to the Germans by double agents. A  cabinet ...Read Review

The Wooden Walls of Thermopylae

By Nick Brown - Published 2014


Mandrocles, nicknamed ‘Luck Bringer’ is the narrator of this tale of Greece at the time of the Persian invasions. A survivor and hero ...Read Review

The Stronghold

By Albrecht Behmel - Published 2015



A young boy, in an act of showing off, strikes the spark that places himself, his father and the entire countryside in danger.  ...Read Review

The Pink House at Appleton

By Jonathan Braham - Published 2015


The subject of the title is the home of the estate manager of a sugar plantation in Jamaica. Harold Brookes, a native Jamaican, ...Read Review

Darkness Over Cannae — Hannibal Against the Might of Rome

By J. N. Dolfen - Published 2014



In August of 216 BC, a greatly outnumbered army led by the Carthaginian general Hannibal, faced the largest army that Rome had ever sent ...Read Review

Mask of the Verdoy

By Phil Lecomber - Published 2014



George Harley, survivor of the Great War, former operative for the Special Intelligence Services, is now a Private Detective in London: poverty and ...Read Review

Edith, Fair as a Swan

By James M Hockey - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

The Edith of the title was the hand-fast wife of Harold II, famously killed at Hastings in the year 1066. However, this a multi-layered ...Read Review

Bearnshaw: Legend of the Whyte Doe: 1

By N. S. Rose - Published 2014


All the ingredients are present in N. S. Rose’s first novel, The Legend of the Whyte Doe: a single-minded heroine, an evil ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Tokolosh

By K. Conrad - Published 2010



Set in the years between the mid nineteen fifties and early nineteen seventies in what was initially Northern Rhodesia, we follow the lives ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Gods

By James Bicheno - Published 2014



In a rousing tale, James Bicheno takes us back to Norway in the late 8th and early 9th centuries when the Norsemen began ...Read Review