Richard Tearle

Fever Therapy

By Jim Burnside - Published 2014



John Harper is a farm boy from rural Morayshire, illegitimate and unaware of his true father. He meets and marries Hannah Wilson, leaves ...Read Review

Honor Among Thieves

By J M Aucoin - Published 2015



Darion Delerue is a man with a past. Once a soldier of King Henry IV of France, he now earns his money as ...Read Review

The Maya Papyrus

By Richard Coady - Published 2012


Thuya is the wife from Hell. She has ambitions far beyond her station and even her husband dare not go against her despite ...Read Review

The Coward

By Tom Wall - Published 2015


Bill Rowe is a young man from Gateshead currently incarcerated in Durham Prison for refusing to answer his call-up for World War II. ...Read Review

The Last Stork of Summer

By Mary Brigid Surber - Published 2015


Ten-year-old Ewa’s only crime is that she is Polish. When Germany invade her country in 1939 she is shipped off to a work ...Read Review

Good Neighbors

By Beth Hersant - Published 2015


Historical Fantasy

The Coranieid, a Neolithic tribe slay a dragon and their leader, Gwyn Ap Nudd, decrees that the meat should not be wasted as ...Read Review

I Am Mata Hari

By Richard William Short - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Mata Hari, the world’s most famous dancer, courtesan and spy. From her early life in the Dutch ...Read Review

Dead Man Walking

By Toby Oliver - Published 2015



London 1944 and the Normandy landings have not long taken place. False information is being fed to the Germans by double agents. A  cabinet ...Read Review

Messiah: Love, Music and Malice in the Time of Handel

By Sheena Vernon - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Harry Walsh is a young boy who is pretty hopeless in the classroom and is taken out of Charterhouse School by his exasperated ...Read Review

Carminow: The King’s Cornishman

By Elsie Balme - Published 2013


Roger de Carminow is a second son, named after his father, sent to a monastery at an early age and soon becomes the ...Read Review