Richard Tearle

Mask of Duplicity

By Julia Brannan - Published 2015



In the first of The Jacobite Chronicles, we follow the fortunes and misfortunes of Elizabeth (Beth) Cunningham. Beth’s elder brother, Richard, a ...Read Review


By M. J. Porter - Published 2015



Seventh-century England, Edwin rules in Northumbria, Cadwallon in Gwynedd, and Penda is an ambitious lord looking to carve himself a kingdom of his ...Read Review

The Maya Papyrus

By Richard Coady - Published 2012


Thuya is the wife from Hell. She has ambitions far beyond her station and even her husband dare not go against her despite ...Read Review

Messiah: Love, Music and Malice in the Time of Handel

By Sheena Vernon - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Harry Walsh is a young boy who is pretty hopeless in the classroom and is taken out of Charterhouse School by his exasperated ...Read Review

Carminow: The King’s Cornishman

By Elsie Balme - Published 2013


Roger de Carminow is a second son, named after his father, sent to a monastery at an early age and soon becomes the ...Read Review

A Set of Lies

By Carolyn McCrae - Published 2015


Alternate History

Napoleon has been defeated and packed off to St Helena. Or was he? This Alternative History novel explores the possibility that a British ...Read Review

The Coward

By Tom Wall - Published 2015


Bill Rowe is a young man from Gateshead currently incarcerated in Durham Prison for refusing to answer his call-up for World War II. ...Read Review

The Last Stork of Summer

By Mary Brigid Surber - Published 2015


Ten-year-old Ewa’s only crime is that she is Polish. When Germany invade her country in 1939 she is shipped off to a work ...Read Review

Good Neighbors

By Beth Hersant - Published 2015



The Coranieid, a Neolithic tribe slay a dragon and their leader, Gwyn Ap Nudd, decrees that the meat should not be wasted as ...Read Review

I Am Mata Hari

By Richard William Short - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Mata Hari, the world’s most famous dancer, courtesan and spy. From her early life in the Dutch ...Read Review