Richard Tearle

The Song-Sayer’s Lament

By David Ebsworth - Published 2016


The song sayer in question is the blind Morgose, but this tale of post-Roman Britain is narrated by Merriden, friend and mentor of ...Read Review

Blood Rose Angel

By Liza Perrat - Published 2015


Heloise is the midwife in a small mid-14th century French town, an occupation she inherited from her late mother and aunt, who ...Read Review

The Last Shroud

By Derek Birks - Published 2015



Ned Elder has many friends and even more enemies, and they all come together in this last installment of Derek Birks’ Rebels and ...Read Review

The Demon in the Embers

By Julia Edwards - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

Joe is an 11-year-old boy with a St Christopher medallion that enables him to travel back in time. Trouble is, he has little ...Read Review

The Saxon Wolves

By Penny Ingham - Published 2016



Anya is both princess and priestess in Germania, but she is exiled for questioning the High Priest’s decisions and ordered to travel ...Read Review


By Bob Marshall-Andrews - Published 2016



Camille Lefebre is an actress but, because of the laws in France about women appearing on stage, she acts as her twin brother, ...Read Review

Duty and Dishonor

By Shaun Ivory - Published 2015



Conor O’Farrell, born en route to America from Ireland, is our hero in this first part of a series entitled America Made ...Read Review

Roman Mask

By Thomas M D Brooke - Published 2015



Gaius Cassius is a hero of Rome, loved and admired by all, but he hides his true feelings: that he was – and still ...Read Review

The Elizabeth Papers

By Jenetta James - Published 2016



Charlie Hayward is a private detective hired to look into the validity of a trust fund. The object of his investigations is struggling ...Read Review

The Domesday Book (No Not That One)

By Howard of Warwick - Published 2014


Hastings, 1066 – William has conquered, but he cannot prove it because the body of King Harold is missing. He sends his best man, probably ...Read Review

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