Rebecca Kightlinger

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

By Kim Michele Richardson - Published 2019


“‘Right there’ll do it.’ Pa fussed one last time with the slide on the courting candle, then finally placed the timekeeper on ...Read Review

The Devil Aspect

By Craig Russell - Published 2019



Prague, 1935. Hrad Orlů Asylum, an ancient hilltop fortress reputedly built to plug the mouth of Hell, once imprisoned the demonic Jan of the ...Read Review

The Fallen Architect

By Charles Belfoure - Published 2018



England, c. 1900. When a section of the Britannia Empire Theater’s balcony collapses, killing fourteen theatergoers, architect Douglas Layton is convicted of murder. ...Read Review

The Girl They Left Behind

By Roxanne Veletzos - Published 2018


Bucharest, Romania, 1941. King Carol II has abdicated, and General Antonescu’s Legionnaires are massacring Jews or disappearing them in the night. So when ...Read Review

Captain Swing and the Blacksmith

By Beatrice Parvin - Published 2017


Since 1830, threatening letters signed Captain Swing have incited agricultural workers to rebel against landowners for implementing work-saving inventions, particularly the threshers that have ...Read Review

A Million Drops

By Lisa Dillman (trans.) - By Víctor del Árbol - Published 2018



“Nobody wants to be sent off to freeze to death in Siberia. So the police make up any damn excuse to send them ...Read Review

The Taster

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2018


Germany, 1943. When fiery destruction is predicted for Berlin, 25-year-old Magda Ritter is sent to live with relatives in Berchtesgaden. Unable to find work, ...Read Review


By Christopher K. Doyle - Published 2017



Baltimore, 1926. Eighteen-year-old A.D. is brilliant but homeless. But with the encouragement of Isaiah, the janitor of the Peabody Conservatory, A.D. rises ...Read Review

The Sisters of Glass Ferry

By Kim Michele Richardson - Published 2017


Lost things spilled onto the Kentucky’s banks, into fishermen’s hands, more than a few, revealing age-old secrets. Glass Ferry, Kentucky, June 1972. ...Read Review

The Last Ballad

By Wiley Cash - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

North Carolina, 1929. Twenty-eight-year-old Ella May has come down from the hills of Tennessee to the textile mills of North Carolina in search of ...Read Review