Rebecca Cochran

On a Cold Dark Sea

By Elizabeth Blackwell - Published 2018


This story is told from three different viewpoints as three very different women wind up in Lifeboat 21 as the Titanic sinks. Charlotte Digby, ...Read Review

Across the Blue

By Carrie Turansky - Published 2018



In 1909, daring aviators are racing to be the first to cross the English Channel, and to win the Daily Mail prize of £1000. James ...Read Review

The Rules of Magic

By Alice Hoffman - Published 2017


This prequel to Hoffman’s famous Practical Magic portrays the story of the Aunts and their intriguing past. Franny, Bridget (Jet), and Vincent ...Read Review

The Painted Queen

By Elizabeth Peters - By Joan Hess - Published 2017



It’s 1912, and Amelia Peabody, with her beloved archaeologist husband Emerson, has arrived in Egypt for another excavation season. However, their delight with ...Read Review

The Man of Legends

By Kenneth Johnson - Published 2017



In 2001, several lives intersect in New York City as different individuals begin to track the mysterious Will, who appears in their lives, fixes ...Read Review

To the Farthest Shores

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2017



During the Spanish-American War, nurse Jenny Bennett had her heart broken by Lieutenant Ryan Gallagher, who had promised her marriage only to leave ...Read Review

The Amber Shadows

By Lucy Ribchester - Published 2016Published 2017



During WWII, Honey Deschamps diligently works at an office in Bletchley Circle, transcribing decrypted signals from the German army. The work can be ...Read Review

The Girl from the Tea Garden

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2016



This third book in the India Tea Series explores the life of Adela Robson, daughter to Clarrie and Wesley (from Book 1). While reading ...Read Review

A Bridge Across the Ocean

By Susan Meissner - Published 2017


This is a complex novel that alternates between past and present, with slight elements of the paranormal. In 1946, World War II has just ...Read Review

In the Shadow of Lakecrest

By Elizabeth Blackwell - Published 2017


Kate Moore had a rough, violent, and deprived childhood. Now, as an adult, she desperately wants to find a way out of her ...Read Review