Rebecca Cochran

The Witch’s Kind

By Louisa Morgan - Published 2019



In 1947, Barrie Anne Blythe loves living on her farm in the Pacific Northwest, tending to her garden. Her family has long held an ...Read Review

Murder at Morrington Hall (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery)

By Clara McKenna - Published 2019



In 1905, Stella Kendrick and her father cross the Atlantic from their home in Tennessee to rural England in order to attend a wedding. ...Read Review

The Lost Girls of Paris

By Pam Jenoff - Published 2019


The Lost Girls of Paris is uniquely told in alternating voices and timelines between 1946 and 1943. In 1946, Grace Healey is passing through Grand Central ...Read Review

Legacy of Mercy

By Lynn Austin - Published 2018



When I reviewed Waves of Mercy back in the February 2017 HNR issue, I mentioned the need for a sequel, and Austin has finally ...Read Review

An Hour Unspent (Shadows Over England Book #3)

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2018



Barclay Pierce is an unlikely hero in this 1915 tale, set in London. His family is extensive with several “adopted” siblings he has rescued ...Read Review

A Daring Venture

By Elizabeth Camden - Published 2018



Dr. Rosalind Werner is a dedicated biologist in New York City in 1908, determined to bring clean drinking water to the city and the ...Read Review

Treacherous Is the Night (A Verity Kent Mystery)

By Anna Lee Huber - Published 2018



Life in 1919 after the Great War is a hard adjustment, and séances are all the range as grief-stricken widows attempt to find ...Read Review

The Thirty-One Kings: A Richard Hannay Thriller (Richard Hannay Returns)

By Robert J. Harris - Published 2018



Robert Harris pays homage to the great John Buchan’s hero from The Thirty-Nine Steps, Richard Hannay. In this continuation, it is now 1940 ...Read Review

The Glass Ocean

By Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig and Karen White - Published 2018


In 2013, author Sarah Blake has writer’s block. Her first book was a big hit, but now she has no ideas. Seeking inspiration, ...Read Review

The Heart’s Appeal

By Jennifer Delamere - Published 2018



Julia Bernay grew up in an orphanage in London, but always planned to become a doctor, despite the fact that society frowns upon ...Read Review

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