Rachel Malone

The Evacuee

By Ken Chadwick - Published 2012



Rural Staffordshire in September 1939, suddenly finds itself host to refugees from the slums of Birmingham. Children that are from the slums and that ...Read Review

Brandy Row

By Shelagh Mazey - Published 2012



Violet Allen is the daughter of a smuggler and the childhood sweetheart of Matthew Stone, a fisherman. Destiny seems to have their lives ...Read Review

Greays Hill

By Jon Beattiey - Published 2012



Jack Charlton is a drover. An independent herdsman who takes cattle across the Border country, the No-Mans-Land between Scotland and England.  His is ...Read Review

In A Milk & Honeyed Land

By Richard Abbott - Published 2011


Alternate HistorySaga

We are introduced to the hill country of Canaan here and the life of a village priest.  His life, his loves, his family ...Read Review

The Owl of the Durotriges

By Yassmin Sanders - Published 2012


Historical FantasySaga

Britain’s tribal leaders hold to an uneasy truce imposed upon them by the Druids. It won’t take much for this truce ...Read Review

The Last Gift

By Carla Acheson - Published 2012



Death and disease is ever present in the slums of Victorian London, Maggie Tanner is a girl only just into double figures when ...Read Review

Against the Tide

By John Handley - Published 2012


Alternate HistoryThriller

The Island of Jersey in the Summer of 1939: 18 Year old Jack Renouf is finishing his schooldays. His main concerns are deciding on romance ...Read Review

Sons of the Wolf

By Paula Lofting - Published 2012


In the time of Harold and Edward, we meet Wulfhere, a Sussex thegn; a fearsome warrior, a respected nobleman, adored father, and beloved ...Read Review

Barbados Bound

By Linda Collison - Published 2012



Portsmouth, England,1760: Penniless Patricia Kelley, the illegitimate daughter of a plantation owner in Barbados, stows away on board a ship bound for Barbados ...Read Review

Murder in the Palace

By Iain Campbell - Published 2012



Prince Ra-em Hotep, son of Ramesses II, has been found dead in his room. Poison is suspected and Cretan pharmacist, Nikolas, is brought ...Read Review