Penny Ingham

I, Master Shakespeare

By David Lawrence-Young - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Written in the form of William Shakespeare’s autobiography, the novel tells his life story from his birth in April 1564 to his death ...Read Review

On Wilder Seas: The Woman on the Golden Hind

By Nikki Marmery - Published 2020


Biographical FictionNautical

Most people have heard of Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe aboard the Golden Hind. It is less well-known that for nine ...Read Review

Moonlight Over Mayfair

By Anton Du Beke - Published 2019


The sequel to One Enchanted Evening (HNR 89), Moonlight Over Mayfair explores the complicated lives of the staff and patrons of London’s luxurious ...Read Review

The Prince’s Women

By Deryn Lake - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Charles Edward Stuart, aka The Young Pretender, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie, was the eldest grandson of the exiled Catholic King James II. As ...Read Review

Blood Queen (Shakespeare’s Queens 1)

By Joanna Courtney - Published 2019


Blood Queen is the first in a trilogy exploring the ‘real women’ behind Shakespeare’s most notorious queens, beginning with Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare’...Read Review

The Amber Seeker (The Stone Stories)

By Mandy Haggith - Published 2019


Set in 320 B.C., The Amber Seeker is the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Walrus Mutterer (reviewed in HNR 86). The novel is ...Read Review


By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

A fantasy novel set during the reign of King John, Brightfall is told through the eyes of Marian: a strong and feisty wife, ...Read Review


By Meg Keneally - Published 2019


Fled is based on an extraordinary true story. Desperate to escape a life of gruelling poverty in Cornwall, Jenny Trelawney turns to highway ...Read Review

The Way of Glory

By Patricia J Boomsma - Published 2018


The novel begins in Bristol, England, in 1154. A Civil war known as the Anarchy drags on. It is a wholly Christian conflict, unlike ...Read Review

The Cold Light of Dawn (The King’s Greatest Enemy)

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2018


This is the fourth book in the King’s Greatest Enemy series. Set in turbulent 14th-century England, it follows the lives of lowly ...Read Review