Peggy Kurkowski


By Julie Janson - Published 2022


The uncertain future of an Indigenous Aboriginal woman in the early years of British colonization in Australia is richly revealed in the U....Read Review

The Pebbled Beach at Pentecost

By Andrew Lemon - Published 2022


In his debut novel, historian Andrew Lemon follows the arc of one Englishman’s life and mysterious death in 19th-century Australia through the ...Read Review

The Village Idiot

By Steve Stern - Published 2022


Biographical FictionLiterary

The eccentric life and adventures of renowned Expressionist painter Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) in early 20th-century Paris is hypnotically imagined in The Village Idiot, ...Read Review

The Last of the Seven: A Novel of World War II

By Steven Hartov - Published 2022



Every now and then in the glutted genre of World War II thrillers, a book opens to reveal a literary pearl within. Such ...Read Review

The Scent of Burnt Flowers

By Blitz Bazawule - Published 2022


A web of love, magic, and racial justice sets an enigmatic backdrop for Blitz Bazawule’s debut novel. In the mid-1960s American ...Read Review

The Maiden of All Our Desires

By Peter Manseau - Published 2022



Faith, love, and loss in the time of the Black Death are hypnotically portrayed in The Maiden of All Our Desires by Peter ...Read Review

December ’41

By William Martin - Published 2022



In the sunny wonderland of Hollywood, a German assassin begins a thousand-mile-long journey to take out America before it can enter the war ...Read Review

Sins of the Fathers

By Alan A. Winter - By Herbert J. Stern - Published 2022


The bonds of early friendship snap irrevocably for Friedrich Richard and Adolf Hitler in this meticulously researched and urgent sequel to Wolf by ...Read Review

From a Dark Horizon (A Gregor Reinhardt Novel)

By Luke McCallin - Published 2021



In the final months of World War I, a grisly crime at a secluded farmhouse sends young German officer Lt. Gregor Reinhardt to ...Read Review

The Straits of Tsushima (Marcus Baxter Naval Thrillers)

By Tim Chant - Published 2021



The Russo-Japanese War on the high seas explodes like a shot in this promising first entry in a new series that follows a ...Read Review