Patricia O’Sullivan

Outcasts of River Falls

By Jacqueline Guest - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

When her father dies, Kathryn Tourond must leave Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Toronto to go live in Alberta with an aunt ...Read Review

For King or Commonwealth

By Richard Woodman - Published 2012



In A Ship for the King, Richard Woodman left his readers wondering which side Captain Kit Faulkner would choose at the start of ...Read Review

Istanbul was a Fairytale

By Ender Gürol (trans.) - By Mario Levi - Published 2012


LiteraryShort Stories

First published in 1999 in Turkish, İstanbul Bir masaldı won Turkey’s prestigious Yunus Nadi Novel Award in 2000. The novel is not one story ...Read Review

The Mountain of Gold

By J. D. Davies - Published 2012



Young British naval captain Matthew Quinton is on his third mission, hunting down Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean when his ship sights a ...Read Review

Alligator Lake

By Lynne Bryant - Published 2012


Ten years ago Avery Pritchett fled Mississippi brokenhearted and pregnant. Now her brother wants her to return for his wedding, but Avery isn’...Read Review

The Tintern Treasure

By Kate Sedley - Published 2012



Roger Chapman is a peddler who has, quite by accident, become an agent of King Richard III. His reputation as the king’s ...Read Review

The Constant Lovers

By Chris Nickson - Published 2012



The winter of 1732 saw too many violent crimes and deaths. Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, is looking forward to a peaceful summer. But ...Read Review

China’s Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance, and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight

By Gregory Crouch - Published 2012



In 1929, inspired by Charles Lindbergh, William Bond decided to get into aviation. Bond began on a construction job outside of Baltimore with the ...Read Review

Ghosts of the Titanic

By Julie Lawson - Published 2012


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Kevin Messenger is a disappointment. He knows this because his father reminds him of it every day. Kevin is not interested in soccer ...Read Review

The Settlers of Catan

By Lee Chadeayne (trans.) - By Rebecca Gable - Published 2011


AdventureHistorical Fantasy

The people of Elasund love their homeland, but life is a struggle. Long winters make for a short growing season, and frequent raids ...Read Review

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