Patricia O'Reilly

Mira’s Way (The Miramonde Series)

By Amy Maroney - Published 2018


Mira’s Way, though one of a series, is a stand-alone story that grips from start to finish. It tells the dual tales ...Read Review

The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen: Volume III

By Mr. Collins Hemingway - Published 2017



As a lifelong fan of Jane Austen’s books, I regretted missing out on reading volumes 1 and 2 of the trilogy before starting this, ...Read Review

The Cypher Bureau

By Eilidh McGinness (author) - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

This book is on based on the life of Marian Rejewski, Polish patriot and mathematician, who is credited with heading up the team ...Read Review

Celtic Knot: A Clara Swift Tale

By Ann Shortell - Published 2018-03-21


Biographical FictionMystery/Crime

Celtic Knot is a story of hope, heroes, loyalty and patriotism, as seen through the eyes of 15-year-old serving girl Clara Swift, a ...Read Review

Lucia Zarate

By Cecilia Velastegui - Published 2017



This is a gem of a book, exquisitely produced and poetically written. No surprise that the author is an award-winner. It tells the ...Read Review

Islands of Deception: Lying with the Enemy

By Constance Hood - Published 2018-01-15



This novel, based on the historical contents of filing cabinets containing memoirs, letters, journals, and photos of declassified Counter Intelligence Corps documents, is ...Read Review

The Troubadour’s Tale

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2018


The Troubadour’s Tale is the fifth book in Ann Swinfen’s 14th-century Oxford Medieval series. While this is a standalone story, it ...Read Review

None of Us the Same

By Jeffrey K. Walker - Published 2017



None of Us the Same is a story of heart, hope and heroes, a World War I novel with the feel of authenticity, ...Read Review

Somewhere Still

By Denitta Ward - Published 2017


This is an intriguing Cinderella-style story set in 1920s Kansas. The city is on the cusp of radical change, but it is divided ...Read Review

The Missing Baronet

By Ken Methold - Published 2017



Sarah Kedron is feisty and independent, a woman ahead of her time, a successful playwright who turns her talents to detective work. When ...Read Review