Pat Maynard

Someday Soon

By Joan Wolf - Published 2000



Lady Alexandra Wilton, who has continually refused to marry without love, discovers upon her father’s death that if she doesn’t marry ...Read Review

The Good Journey

By Micaela Gilchrist - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical FictionRomance

“Sixteen years ago, when I followed the General away, I had known him for only three days. I reconciled myself then to sleeping ...Read Review

An Ordinary Woman

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2001


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This is the story of Nancy Kelsey, the first American woman in California, and an elemental part of that great state’s early ...Read Review

Our Fathers

By Andrew O’Hagan - Published 2001Published 2001-01-01



This beautiful story set in post WWII Scotland is about the “coming of age” of Jamie, a young boy growing up with an ...Read Review