Pat Maynard

The Shadows of Ghadames

By Joёlle Stolz - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

This is a young adult coming-of-age story set at the end of the nineteenth century in the City of Ghadames, Libia. After eleven ...Read Review

The Fires of Pride

By William R. Trotter - Published 2003



This is the second novel in a powerful duo (the first being Sands of Pride) set during the American Civil War. The story ...Read Review

The Serpent and the Moon

By HRH Princess Michael of Kent - Published 2004



The lives of the three individuals depicted in this book are a prime example of reality being stranger than fiction. An arranged marriage ...Read Review

Beneath A Marble Sky

By John Shors - Published 2004



Set in the 17th century, this novel opens with the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan’s daugher, Jahanara, telling her granddaughters the story of ...Read Review

Breaking the Line

By David Donachie - Published 2001Published 2004


Biographical Fiction

As the third and final novel of this trilogy begins, Nelson returns to England following his rescue of the Neapolitan royal family. Accompanied ...Read Review

Tested by Fate

By David Donachie - Published 2001Published 2004


Biographical FictionNauticalRomance

Second of a “trilogy-in-the-making,” this novel delves deeper into the lives of Horatio Nelson, one of England’s greatest naval heroes, and Emma ...Read Review

Auriel Rising

By Elizabeth Redfern - Published 2004



It is 1609, and Ned Warriner has covertly slipped back into London, following a two-year self-imposed exile for rescuing a Catholic friend falsely accused ...Read Review

My Secret Protector

By Pam Binder - Published 2003


Historical FantasyTime-slip

William McAlpin is an immortal, destined to live throughout eternity unless one of his enemies manages to decapitate him – the only sure death ...Read Review

The Iron Rose

By Marsha Canham - Published 2003



When a rogue privateer captained by Juliet Dante discovers a Spanish galleon attacking and sinking an English ship, she and her crew intercede. ...Read Review


By David Ball - Published 2004



Set during the 16th century on both the isle of Malta, home of the ancient order of the Knights of St. John, and ...Read Review