Pamela Schoenewaldt

The Gifts

By Liz Hyder - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

A fascinating mélange of gothic fiction and magical realism, The Gifts unpacks the bizarre Victorian obsession with angels—celestial angels, the perfect ...Read Review

Crow Stone

By Gabriele Goldstone - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Throughout human history, women have been the victors’ spoils of war. Revenge is a factor, but more to the point, it’s easy ...Read Review

Can’t I Go Instead

By Lee Geum-yi - Published 2023


In the near-feudal Korea of the 1920s, Chaeryeong, a nobleman’s daughter, is to be given a peasant girl as a “birthday present.” ...Read Review

On Wine-Dark Seas: A Novel of Odysseus and His Fatherless Son Telemachus

By Tad Crawford - Published 2023



After 20 years of war and wanderings, Odysseus, hero of the Iliad and protagonist of the Odyssey, returns to Ithaca to face his greatest ...Read Review

A Castle in Brooklyn

By Shirley Russak Wachtel - Published 2022


1944. Eighteen-year-old Jacob is hiding from Nazis on a Polish farm. When twelve-year-old Zalman seeks shelter there, Jacob first feels burdened by responsibility, then ...Read Review

Cradles of the Reich

By Jennifer Coburn - Published 2022


In the burgeoning genre of Nazi-era historical novels, Jennifer Coburn’s Cradles of the Reich follows three German women caught in Heinrich Himmler’...Read Review

Susanna Hall: Her Book

By Jennifer Falkner - Published 2022


Falkner’s debut novella covers three summer days in 1643, when Henrietta Maria, queen to Charles I of England, was traveling south to meet ...Read Review

Take My Hand

By Dolen Perkins-Valdez - Published 2022


Take My Hand illuminates a horrendous national shame of the recent past. In the early 1970s, more than 150,000 low-income women and girls, predominately ...Read Review

Bride of the City Volume 1: Vaishali Ki Nagarvadhu

By A. K. Kulshreshth (trans.) - By Acharya Chatursen - By Pratibha Vinod Kumar (trans.) - Published 2021



Bride of the City, the first English translation of a novel published in 1949, explores the Nagarvadhu tradition of ancient India in which women ...Read Review

Shackleton’s Endurance: An Antarctic Survival Story

By Joanna Grochowicz - Published 2021


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Most explorers’ fame rests on routes charted or new lands found—regardless of the human cost. Sir Ernest Shackleton, a towering figure of ...Read Review