Nicole Evelina

The Sixth Man

By Rupert Colley - Published 2017



The Sixth Man is the story of six imprisoned Frenchmen during WWII. Initially believing they will be released the next day, they find ...Read Review

The Garment Maker’s Daughter

By Hillary Adrienne Stern - Published 2016


In the early 20th century, three immigrants stand aboard a ship sailing into Ellis Island, each with their own dreams about what coming ...Read Review

The Dress in the Window

By Sofia Grant - Published 2017


In the aftermath of WWII, two artistic sisters seek to capitalize on the new fashions popularized after wartime austerities. Having suffered greatly from ...Read Review

“Remember the Ladies”: Celebrating Those Who Fought For Freedom at the Ballot Box

By Angela P. Dodson - Published 2017



This non-fiction book traces the history of the United States women’s suffrage movement from the earliest concerns for women’s rights being ...Read Review

Summon the Queen: The Revolutionary Series

By Jodi McIsaac - Published 2017



On a quest from the goddess Brigid, Nora O’Reilly and the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill travel back in time to complete a ...Read Review

Becoming Bonnie

By Jenni L. Walsh - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

How exactly did Bonnie Elizabeth Parker go from small-town Texas high school dropout to the female half of one of the 20th century’...Read Review

You’re the Cream in My Coffee

By Jennifer Lamont Leo - Published 2016



When mysterious fainting spells send small-town girl Marjorie Corrigan to big-city Chicago for medical tests, she has no idea her life is about ...Read Review

Written in the Ashes

By K. Hollan Van Zandt - Published 2016


This epic novel tells the story of Hannah, a Jewish shepherdess who is kidnapped and sold into slavery in Alexandria in the late 4...Read Review

The Gospel of Simon

By John Smelcer - Published 2016



The Gospel of Simon begins outside of present-day Jerusalem with a man named Simon finding out that his ancestor and namesake was none ...Read Review

Eterna and Omega

By Leanna Renee Hieber - Published 2016


Historical Fantasy

This is the second book in a gaslight fantasy series (after The Eterna Files) that follows the efforts of two organizations – Eterna, based ...Read Review