Nicky Galliers

Demon Hunter Severian – Lady of the Night Gates

By Giovanni Anastasi - Published 2014



Demon Hunter Severian is an exciting tale of mystery and action about Aurelius Severian, a demon hunter who works for the Holy Roman ...Read Review

Five Guns Blazing

By Emma Rose Millar - By Kevin Allen - Published 2015



“Convict’s daughter, Laetitia Beedham, is set on an epic journey from the back streets of London, through transportation to Barbados and grueling ...Read Review

Whore of Babylon

By Azaria Frost - Published 2014


We meet Eliana some months after the Babylonians have conquered her city of Nippur. Her sister is on the eve of marrying the ...Read Review

Finding Gabriel

By Rachel Demeter - Published 2015



Finding Gabriel is a novel set in 1815 in Paris. France is still coming to terms with life without Napoleon and one of his ...Read Review

Red Horse

By M J Logue - Published 2015



Red Horse is a novel of the English Civil War that approaches the conflict from the Parliamentarian point of view through the eyes ...Read Review

The Mannequin

By Suzanne G. Rogers - Published 2015



Another wonderful novel from Suzanne G. Rogers, The Mannequin is the story of a young girl who is living with her aunt and ...Read Review

The Prospect of This City

By Eamonn Martin Griffin - Published 2015


In August 1666 Tom is working for his father in a bakery in Pudding Lane, London. His brother has become deeply religious and his ...Read Review

Lament for a Siege Town

By Clare Hawkins - Published 2015



Lament for a Siege Town is concerned with the siege of Colchester of 1648 by Parliamentarian forces while a Royalist army is trapped within ...Read Review

Joseph in the Land of the Mizraim

By Aaron Zerah - Published 2014



Joseph in the Land of Mizraim is, by the author’s admission, a deeply spiritual novel but, for those like me, who know ...Read Review

Men of the Cross

By Charlene Newcomb - Published 2014



A tale of the Third Crusade, which Richard the Lionheart conducted in 1190 – 1193 and ended in his capture by Duke Leopold of Austria. What ...Read Review