Nicky Galliers

Death at Pergamum

By Albert Noyer - Published 2013



Getorius and Arcadia, a surgeon and his medica wife, are travelling to Constantinople to study medical texts. While there, events force them to ...Read Review

1066 Turned Upside Down

By Alison Morton - By Anna Belfrage - By Annie Whitehead - By Carol McGrath - By Eliza Redgold - By G. K. Holloway - By Helen Hollick - By Joanna Courtney - By Richard Dee - Published 2016


Alternate HistoryShort Stories

This volume is a collection of short stories by nine well-known authors, all concerned with the same theme – the intriguing ‘what if?’ of ...Read Review

The Diary of Narcissa Dunn

By Elaine Violette - Published 2016


Olivia’s life is unremarkable. She is the daughter of a minister at the turn of the 19th century, active in the community ...Read Review

Queen of the Silver Arrow

By Caroline Lawrence - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

Acca has grown up fascinated by the story of the princess who was hurled across a river tied to a spear. She has ...Read Review

Death on Duchess Street

By Nanci M. Pattenden - Published 2015



Ms Pattenden’s crime novel is an easy, light read: the plot takes you along at a good pace, and you are never ...Read Review

The Promise: A Story of the Quake

By A. B. Michaels - Published 2016


This novella by AB Michaels is a compact and delightful little volume.  Sweetly romantic, it is easy to read in a few hours, ...Read Review

In the Shadow of David

By Martin Baggen - Published 2016



This novel is a retelling of the Easter story, with background to the events, causes, reasons and persons involved. We all know the ...Read Review

Conqueror Vanquished

By Leigh Court - Published 2016



Conqueror Vanquished is a short novel set in the era of Gallic conquest by the Romans. Leonidas, the commander of the Roman army, ...Read Review


By Alison Morton - Published 2016


Alternate HistoryThriller

Ms Morton returns to the world of Roma Nova in her series about an alternate history of Europe, where the Roman Empire survives ...Read Review

Knight of Her Dreams

By Alyssa James - Published 2016



The Hundred Years War. Lady Marguerite, countess of Besancon arrives at the headquarters of Henry V in northern France seeking protection from Sir ...Read Review