Nela Leja

Mandragora: A Ribald and Irreverent Tale from the Italian Renaissance

By H.D. Greaves - Published 2013



Niccolo Machiavelli, Renaissance author of The Prince and father of political science, also wrote comedies such as La Mandragola (The Mandrake). His satire ...Read Review

Adele: Wilderness Bride – a novel of New France

By Thora Kerr Illing - Published 2012


In the 1660s, when illegitimate orphan Adele Dupuy leaves for New France aboard a ship of similarly-disadvantaged young women, she is known as ...Read Review

A Love of Adventure

By Joan Druett - Published 2102



In this 19th-century romance, Druett writes with a keen sense of irony. For example, in the midst of a storm around Cape Horn, ...Read Review

The Wind from Entouhonoron

By Art Tirrell - Published 2012


The Wind from Entouhonoron is aptly titled: the wind on the lake (now named Lake Huron) plays a pivotal role in this nautical ...Read Review

The Year-God’s Daughter

By Rebecca Lochlann - Published 2011


Despite the fifth-century Greek statue on the cover, The Year-God’s Daughter takes place a thousand years earlier, in Crete.  Aridela, the daughter ...Read Review


By Michael Hickins - Published 2006


The eleventh century—a violent time of conquest and crusade in the name of Christianity. Through the eyes of a gotterdammerung pagan enfiefed ...Read Review

The Isle of Kheria

By Robert Cabot - Published 2012



Some readers may shy away from John Cabot’s choppy, cursory, incomplete writing style, but I recommend leaping onto its back. Ride unsaddled ...Read Review

Love and Death in Paris

By Charles Loebbak - Published 2012


Katrine Bouchet and Jack Lamont are awkward teenagers when they meet briefly in Paris in 1939. Three years later, when they next encounter each ...Read Review


By Winfred O. Cook - Published 2011


I found Wayfarers a satisfying read, with rich detail, realistic characters, a complex plot, and, most of all, a consistent point of view. ...Read Review