Nanette Donohue

Moonlight Masquerade

By Ruth Axtell - Published 2013



The year is 1813. Spies and counterspies are everywhere in London as Napoleon has regained power in France and royalist émigrés in England ...Read Review

The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr

By R. Kent Newmyer - Published 2012



This work covers a landmark case in American constitutional history, one in which Aaron Burr, an ex-vice president, was accused by President Jefferson ...Read Review

The Ripper Secret

By Jack Steel - Published 2012



Jerusalem, 1870. In an illegal excavation, Charles Warren locates and removes a priceless artefact from its ancient hiding place. Years later, he is still ...Read Review

Paper Moon

By Marion Husband - Published 2012



The novel is set just after the end of World War Two, and the author captures well that sense of desolation of rationing, ...Read Review

All for a Song

By Allison Pittman - Published 2013



Dorothy Lynn Dunbar is comfortable. She has her church, her family, and her devoted fiancé — the local pastor. She spends her days luxuriating ...Read Review

They Also Serve

By Bob Sharpe - By Tom Quinn - Published 2012



Born the son of a gamekeeper in 1902, Bob Sharpe’s life “in service” spans the latter era of classist society in Britain. He ...Read Review

The Wicked and the Just

By J. Anderson Coats - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Cecily’s father is the former lord of Edgeley Hall, but he lost his home when his brother returned from the Crusades. He ...Read Review

Storks in a Blue Sky

By Carol Anne Dobson - Published 2008



The novel begins in a rainy 18th-century North Devon, England. It is a story of many things, which are wound and interlinked beautifully ...Read Review

Martha’s Girls

By Alrene Hughes - Published 2012


Martha’s Girls presents itself nicely and professionally. The cover has a simple elegance to it, introducing the main characters and the urban ...Read Review

The Heart’s Frontier

By Lori Copeland - By Virginia Smith - Published 2012



Emma Switzer and her Amish family are traveling in 1881 Kansas when bandits steal their wagon and goods. They walk to the nearest town, ...Read Review

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