Nanette Donohue

The Lady of Secrets

By Susan Carroll - Published 2012


Historical Fantasy

Meg Wolfe, the Lady of Faire Isle, is far from home in the latest installment of Carroll’s long-running historical fantasy series. King ...Read Review

Little Century

By Anna Keesey - Published 2012



Orphaned at age eighteen, Chicagoan Esther Chambers has no place to go. There’s nothing tying her to her childhood home but memories ...Read Review

The Last Song

By Eva Wiseman - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

The Inquisition has just begun, and teenage Isabel believes she is safe from Torquemada and his brutal minions. She was raised in a ...Read Review

The Rhythm of Memory

By Alyson Richman - Published 2012



Salome de Ribiero’s fairytale romance with her husband, poet-turned-movie star Octavio Ribiero, comes to a terrifying halt when she is abducted and ...Read Review

How to Tame a Willful Wife

By Christy English - Published 2012



Caroline Montague would rather run around the countryside fencing, knife-fighting, and riding her beloved stallion than marry. But her father needs money, and ...Read Review

The Tattooed Duke

By MAYA RODALE - Published 2012



Eliza Fielding is one of the London Weekly’s famous Writing Girls—a group of women who, quite scandalously, write for one of ...Read Review

Daughter of Fortune

By Carla Kelly - Published 2012



After the death of her parents, Maria Espinosa flees Mexico City with a supply caravan headed for the Spanish colony of late 17th-century ...Read Review

In Need of a Good Wife

By Kelly O'Connor McNees - Published 2012


Clara Bixby’s marriage is in ruins. Her husband left her after she had a miscarriage, leaving Clara to grieve and to fend ...Read Review

Bride of the High Country

By Kaki Warner - Published 2012



Irish immigrant Margaret Hamilton lost her family at a young age and was the victim of devastating abuse at the hands of a ...Read Review

Isabel’s Wedding

By Pamela Oldfield - Published 2012


The three Fratton children have experienced a number of setbacks in their young lives, and what should be a spot of joy – the ...Read Review