Nan Hawthorne


By Arthur Russell - Published 2012


Morgalion is a monumental mix of historical narrative and an appealing fictional story of people who lived through the terrible events recited.  It ...Read Review

Braver Deeds

By John Van Roekel - Published 2011


From Wounded Knee to San Juan Hill, Braver Deeds tells the story of two young men who come to understand the many colors ...Read Review

Tabnit Gisgo: The Gisgo Chronicles, Volume 1: 323BC–321BC

By M.D. Eyre - Published 2012


M.D. Eyre has created an antihero to rank with the best of them: cowardly, crass, bumbling, and thoroughly unpleasant, along, of course, ...Read Review

Whistle Pass

By KevaD - Published 2012



When Charlie Harris said goodbye to his lover Roger Black after World War II, he had no reason to believe he would ever ...Read Review

The French Lady’s Cowboys

By Bud Rudesill - By Sheila Bolt-Rudesill - Published 2011



Angele Morisot knows that her life in 1860s France is ruined at the tender age of sixteen when a friend of her father ...Read Review

Folville’s Law

By David Pilling - Published 2011


The very grimness of this novel of the last year of the reign of Edward II is one of its best features.  The ...Read Review

The Choosing Time

By Donna Tesiero - Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

This is a charming and simple look at young love amidst religious tensions in 16th-century France. Gisele de Bonnerot comes to the court ...Read Review

The Sekhmet Bed

By Lavender Ironside - Published 2011


Amonhotep left only daughters of royal blood, and Egypt never before had a woman pharaoh. When political expediency made the common-born but popular ...Read Review

Martyrs and Traitors: A Tale of 1916

By Marina Julia Neary - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

The typically romantic approach to the Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916 is refreshingly missing in this story of Bulmer Hobson, a leader of ...Read Review

Fox: Cromwell’s Spy

By Nick McCarty - Published 2009


John Fox is an expert scout, taking the practice into a sort of espionage where he can gain information in towns as well ...Read Review