Misty Urban

A Fallen Woman

By Nancy Carson - Published 2018



Though a saga in length, Carson’s sequel reads like a soapy melodrama as it follows the characters from A Country Girl in ...Read Review

Out of the Ordinary

By Jen Turano - Published 2017



In New York City in 1883, sensible but orphaned Gertrude Cadwalader and fashion-blind shipping magnate Harrison Sinclair already like each other, but love can ...Read Review

Gateway to the Moon

By Mary Morris - Published 2018


This thrilling, shattering literary novel spans centuries and continents, telling in essence the story of Entrada de la Luna, a small town in ...Read Review

Duke Du Jour

By Petie McCarty - Published 2017



In this entertaining Regency timeslip romance, the present-day Duke of Reston, Jared Langley, tumbles back to 1816 and into the life of his reckless ...Read Review

The Duke of Her Desire

By Sophie Barnes - Published 2017



This sweet, sedate sequel to An Unlikely Duke turns to Lady Amelia, suddenly elevated from the slums of St. Giles after her brother ...Read Review

Monster: The Story of Young Mary Shelley

By M. R. Arnold - Published 2017


Biographical FictionLiterary

This serious, thoughtful literary novel reimagines the education and incidents that inspired Mary Godwin (later Shelley) in writing her most famous book. The ...Read Review

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