Michael DiSchiavi

The Italian Woman: A Catherine DeMedici Novel

By Jean Plaidy - Published 2013


Biographical FictionRomance

Set in 16th-century France, The Italian Woman depicts the transformation of Catherine DeMedici from a scorned and humiliated wife to a powerful and ...Read Review

The Académie

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Eliza Monroe, daughter of the future president of the United States, arrives at a French boarding school in 1799 ostensibly to learn conversation skills, ...Read Review

The Doctor’s Lady

By Jody Hedlund - Published 2011



Priscilla White, a young woman from a respectable family in Angelica, New York, in the year 1836, knows that God has called her to ...Read Review

Cowboys Don’t Cry

By Charles Berry - Published 2011



Scout McBride is a young boy growing up outside of El Paso, Texas, during the Depression. Raised on a farm until circumstances force ...Read Review

The Bride Wore Scarlet

By Liz Carlyle - Published 2011



In the opening of the novel, it is London, 1837. Anais de Rohan is at the knee of her great-grandmother, Nonna Sofia, who is ...Read Review

The Flower to the Painter

By Gary Inbinder - Published 2011


Alone at the age of 22 in late 19th-century Florence, with no living relatives and no dowry, the future of expatriate Marcia Brownlow appears ...Read Review

Fortune’s Son

By Emery Lee - Published 2011



Philip Drake is the errant son of the Earl of Hastings. He has renounced the life his father and brother embrace so easily ...Read Review

Next to Love

By Ellen Feldman - Published 2011



Babe, Grace, and Millie are three lifelong friends, living in South Downs. They share more than their hopes and dreams; they also participate ...Read Review

22 Britannia Road

By Amanda Hodgkinson - Published 2011



In the aftermath of World War II, Polish native Silvana Nowak flees her homeland, devastated by war, on a ship destined for England. ...Read Review

The Preacher’s Bride

By Jody Hedlund - Published 2010



Elizabeth Whitbread is a young Puritan woman living in Anglican England during the year 1659. At the opening of the novel, Elizabeth is attending ...Read Review