Meredith Campbell

Modoc Sundance

By Sean Belanger - Published 2002



Second in a series about the Indian struggles in 1873 Northern California, Belanger has once again penned a riveting tale. The review from Time ...Read Review

Candle in the Darkness

By Lynn Austin - Published 2002



What’s a girl to do when she desperately loves a man fighting for the wrong cause? Why, keep on loving him, but ...Read Review

Savage Mountain

By Sean Belanger - Published 2002



Belanger’s thoroughly researched historical, set mid-19th century, carries readers into the heart of California’s two-million-year-old Yosemite Valley, where continual glacializations ...Read Review

Uncivil Death

By M. E. Cooper - Published 2001



Drowning in detail, the story lumbers forward as Lieutenant Conley, fictional aide to the historical Confederate General William Wing Loring, seeks to find ...Read Review

The Rustler

By Frances McElrath - Published 2002



Bittersweet love and tragic range war in 1890s Wyoming enthrall and inform in this tale built upon true facts, the author having been ...Read Review

A Pipe for February

By Charles H. Red Corn - Published 2002


They’ve gone from teepees to mansions; from riding ponies to driving Pierce Arrows; from hunting buffalo to hunting a murderer. Set in ...Read Review

April 1865: The Month That Saved America

By Jay Winik - Published 2002



April, 1865 saw the burning of Richmond, Lee’s surrender, Lincoln assassinated, Northern chaos, a South economically and socially devastated, failed negotiations, continued bloodshed, ...Read Review

Aindreas, The Messenger: Louisville, Kentucky, 1855

By Gerald McDaniel - Published 2000


He’s poor, Irish, epileptic, thirteen years old, and brilliant. Aindreas (Andrew) Rivers knows 1855 Louisville, Kentucky from its tenements to its mansions, from ...Read Review

Aindreas: The Scribe, 1865

By Gerald McDaniel - Published 2002


Sequels are difficult to write, but McDaniel has admirably met the challenge–for the most part. The Scribe-1865, a worthy second entry in ...Read Review

Durango Gold

By Michael C. Haley - Published 2001



What would send an Oxford-educated Virginia aristocrat to New Mexico Territory to spend his days as an obscure cowboy? Worn out, haunted by ...Read Review